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From Wikimania 2013 • Hong Kong
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You can express your intention of attending Wikimania 2013 in this page. Your friends and other people may be interested and the organizers can better guess the estimated number of participants. Please note that this is not the official registration.

Travel Coordination - check when your friends arrive and leave, organise joint trips from / to the airport. If you are planning to go to Hong Kong by train, see Wikitrain.

Add yourself. I will attend:

Definitely (100%)

Edit your presence here: Template:Attendees/100

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
HK Hong Kong Gabrielchihonglee yue-N, en-4, zh-N, jp-1 I am one of the volunteers!
CN China Huihengchen zh-N,yue-N, en-3 08-08 08-12 See you in HongKong~
TZ Tanzania Fmacdaniel en-N, sw-N 08-02 08-13 Flights Not Yet Booked - Cheapest Flight sought. Accommodation students hostel to be done.
UK United Kingdom Deryck Chan yue-N, en-N, zh-N, de-2, ja-1 07-03 08-21 Yay!
HK Hong Kong yue-N, en-4, zh-N See you in Hong Kong!
HK Hong Kong Yuyu yue-N, en-4, zh-N, de-2, fr-2 Waiting you in Hong Kong!
SE Sweden Ainali sv-n, en-3, no-1, da-1, de-1 08-04 08-12
PH Philippines Sky Harbor en-N, tl-N, es-2, zh-2, pl-2, ja-1 08-02 08-12 Okay, the Philippines is 1.5 hours away from Hong Kong, so I have an obligation to go. Will be presenting "The Wikipedian Condition" during the conference. :P
AU Australia John Vandenberg en 08-07 08-12 Flights purchased. Want to know what cheap accom is able to be purchased for early birds.
FI Finland Hteink.min my-N, en, fi, ms TBD TBD I will definitely take off day from school and participate in this conference. However it will depend on the Scholarship which I will be applying soon. I wish other Burmese will be attending too.
IN India Rangilo Gujarati en-N, gu-N, hi-4 08-06 08-18 Flights booked, visa not needed. Thanks to WMF for Scholarship.
DZ Algeria Fareh abdelhak Ar, Fr, En TBD TBD
HK Hong Kong W.F. Siu yue-N, en-3, zh-N See you in Hong Kong!
PK Pakistan Faizanalivarya En, Ur, Fr, Almost every Aug Aug 100% coming on the meeting, I would love to get scholarship as well but lets see finger crossed hope for the best and suppose if I dont get scholarship but still I am coming.
BW Botswana Oarabile Mudongo Tn,En 08-07 08-12 Scholarship Approved,No Visa Required,Booking Flight,Passport Ready and now Packing my Bags...See you in Hong Kong Fellow Wikipedians
UK United Kingdom KTC en-N, yue-N 08-06 08-17 WMUK employee
ca Canada Benoit Rochon fr-N, en-N, es-2 08-06 08-12 Flights Not Yet Booked. Hostel Not Yet Booked. Thanks to WMCH for Scholarship.
ca Canada Bdell555 en-N, de-2, fr-2, zh-2 08-07? 08-12? Frequent traveler to Kowloon (although not in the humidity of August!) and could find own accom but would prefer to reserve a place in the residence under my name, Brian Dell
UK United Kingdom Kudpung en-N, de-4, fr-4, th-2 08-06 08-12 Registered. Awaiting confirmation of accomodation reservation.Flights booked
cn China Kegns zh-N, en-2 08-06 08-12 -
CN China Zhxy_519 zh-N, en-3, ja-4, ko-2 Aug Aug
cn China Fantasticfears en-2, zh-N TBD TBD
AT Austria Geiserich77 en-3, de-N Aug Aug
AU Australia Graham87 en-N 08-07 2013 08-16 2013 -
- Lilaroja cat,en,it, es -
JP Japan zh-yue-4, ja-4, zh-4, en-4, th-1, ko-1, ar-1 08-02 2013 08-18 2013 (approximately) I am looking forward to the second wiki conference in HK.
ke Kenya Travellor en 08-5 08-12 See you at Wikimania 2013!
de Germany DerHexer de 08-02 08-12 Wikimedia Steward, Board member Wikimedia Deutschland
cn China Steven zh-n, en-3 TBD TBD I'm a student in Mainland China. I am really curious about Wikipedia and the ongoing future of it.
cn China Yhz1221 zh-n, en-4 TBD 08-12
mk Macedonia Kiril Simeonovski mk-N, en, de, ru, sh, bg 08-06 08-13 Thanks to WM PL for the scholarship!
SE Sweden Axel Pettersson (WMSE) sv-n, en-3, no-1, da-1 08-06 08-12
ru Russia Ruslik0 ru-N, en-3 08-03 08-13
AU Australia Steven Zhang en 08-02 08-13 Flights booked, need accommodation
ML Mali Rgaudin en,fr - - -
YE ADMIRAL12 Ar, En 08-06 08-13 مرحباً يا سكان عالم الويكي Flights Not Yet Booked, Accommodation: anyone from MENA region (Middle East) wants to share a room with me?
AR Argentina Mel 23 es, en Thank you very much for the scholarship!
AU Australia Chuq en-N 08-05 08-12 Thanks to WMF for the scholarship!
MX Mexico ProtoplasmaKid es-N, en-3, pt-1 TBD TBD Thanks to WMF for the scholarship!
MX Mexico Wotancito es-N, fr-2 TBD TBD Thanks to WMF!
MX Mexico Salvador_alc es-N, en-3, de-2, it-1 08-4 TBD AffComm member. WMMX Board member. See you there!
NA Pgallert de-N, en-4, af-2 08-06 08-12 Happy to see you all. Thanks for the scholarship!
ke Kenya Abbasjnr sw-n, en-3 08-08 08-12
ee Estonia Kruusamägi et, en 08-05 08-16
ID Indonesia Crisco 1492 en-N, id-5 TBD TBD Fantastic chance. Thank you, Wikimedia! (Why can't I note that I'm legally Canadian?)
cv Cape Verde Waldir kea-N, pt-N, en-4 TBD TBD
ke Kenya Limoke oscar sw-n, en-3 08-08 08-12 Glad to be part of the biggest gathering of Wiki-Maniacs
de Germany Denis Barthel (WMDE) de-n, en-3 08-08 08-12
ge Georgia David1010 ka-N, ru-4, en-2 08-8 08-13 Thanks for the scholarship!
TZ Tanzania Francis Kaswahili suk-N,sw-N,en-N 08-06 08-13 Flights Not Yet Booked - Cheapest Flight sought. Accommodation students hostel to Hong Kong Baptist University dormitory.
ee Estonia Oop et, en, ru 08-05 08-12
de Germany toblu de-N, en-4, fr-3 TBA TBA So happy to have received a scholarship again \o/
de Germany Wnme de-n, en-3 08-02 08-12 WMDE Scholarship; de-wp
ca Canada Jeffery Nichols en-N, fr-2 07-27 08-12
us United States Fredlyfish4 en-N, es-2 08-06 08-14
ve Venezuela BlackBeast es-N, en-3 TBD TBD Thanks a lot for the scholarship! So Happy!
jo Jordan عباد ديرانية ar-N, en-3, fr-1, tr-1 08-06 08-13 I can't believe I actually got a scholarship, looking forward to meeting you all at HK!
gh SandisterTei en TBD TBD -
by Belarus Wizardist be-N,ru-N,en-3 08-06 08-12
UK United Kingdom Andrew Gray en-N TBD TBD
de Germany MB-one de-N, en-3, fr-1 08-06 08-12 WMDE Scholarship; de-wp, commons etc.
CR Ralgis en-4, es-N 08-06 08-12 Thanks to WMF for the scholarship!
at Austria Man77 de-N, bar-N, en-3, es-3, ar-1 "early" in August 08-13
de Germany Matthias Süßen de-n, en-3 "early" in August 08-12 Thanks to Wikimedia Germany for the scholarship, see ya all in HK
ir Iran Ladsgroup fa-n, en-3, az-2 TBD TBD Thanks for scholarship
de Germany Marcus Cyron de-N, en-2 08-02 08-12 WMDE Scholarship; Admin de:WP, Commons & Outreach; former Wikipedian in Residence, german GLAM contact for half a dozen Museums and Organisations, consultant for some University Docents; plan for Hongkong: starting an international group of Interest of Wikimedia "Archaeologists".
za South Africa Islahaddow en-N TBD TBD Thanks to WM DE for the scholarship!
ch Kelson fr,de-3,en-2 08-02 08-12
de Germany Daniel Mietchen de-N, ru-4, fr-4, en-4, others<4 08-4 08-13 Thanks to WM DE for the scholarship! Several session proposals.
ve Venezuela Wilfredor en-3, fr-4, es-N TBD TBD of course yes!. Thank WMF for the scholarship too!! :)
br Brazil Beria pt-N, en-3, es-2 08-06 08-13 Yes!. Thank WMF (and specially Jessie and Leslie) for the scholarship!! :)
us United States West.andrew.g en-N 08-08 08-12 See my proposed submission. Thanks also to the WMF!
au Australia SatuSuro en-N, id-1, my-1 08-06 08-12 many thanks to WMF for the scholarship
SE Sweden John Andersson (WMSE) sv-n, en-4, no-1, da-1, de-1 08-05 08-12 many thanks to WMF for the scholarship. Flight booked!
CZ Czech Republic Blahma cs-n, eo-4, en-3, x-tokipona-3, de-2, es-2, pl-2, nl-2, fr-2, la-1, sk-3 08-06 08-13 Many thanks to WM PL for the scholarship!
IT Italy iopensa it-n, en-4, fr-3 08-04 08-12 Many thanks to WM CH for the scholarship!
US United States Fuzheado en, zh-2 07-29 08-12 Wikipedia Weekly will be back for Wikimania!
cn China 燃玉 zh-N,en-3,cat-2 TBD TBD I will be there!
us United States SarahStierch en-N, fr-1 TBD TBD Woo
nl Netherlands Ziko de-N,en-3,nl-3,eo-3 TBD TBD WMNL board, WCA Council. My submission: Presenting and teaching 'Wikipedia'; we are having a Wikimedia Organisations Seminar
eu Europe Micru ca,en,de,fr,es 08-07 08-11
AU Australia Hawkeye7 en TBD TBD Thanks to WMF for the scholarship!
IN India Tinucherian en,ml,hi 08-08 08-12
QC Unknown country MPelletier (WMF) fr-N,en-4,es-2,de-1,ja-1 08-05 08-12 Come meet us at the DevCamp!
nl Netherlands Multichill nl-N,en-3,de-1,fr-1 08-03 08-13 Flights all booked. Traveling around China from 07-and arrive in HK around the 3th of August. Attending the hackathon. Submitted several presentations.
KR Republic of Korea Ryuch ko-N,en-3 08-06 08-12 Thanks to WMF for the scholarship. Attending the DevCamp. Submitted Submissions/Korean_Wikipedia_and_Wikimedia_movement. Please invite me, the chair of Wikimedia Korea Preparation Committee, to local chapters' meeting as an observer! I will be staying at the dorm.
it Italy Aubrey it-N,en-3 08-05 08-12 Submitted several presentations.
it Italy Sannita it-N,en-3 08-6 08-12 Flight and hotel booked, WMCH scolarship. I will briefly talk.
it Italy Cotton it-N,en-3 TBD TBD WMIT reimbursed board.
it Italy CristianCantoro it-N,en-3 TBD TBD WMIT reimbursed board.
it Italy Adert it-N,en-3 TBD TBD WMIT scholarship.
it Italy Archeologo it-N,en-3 08-2 08-12 WMIT scholarship.
it Italy Atropine it-N,en-3 TBD TBD WMIT scholarship.
it Italy Fabexplosive it-N,en-2 08-02 08-13 WMIT scholarship - Flight booked, waiting for accommodation.
it Italy Andyrom75 it-N,en-3 TBD TBD WMIT scholarship.
it Italy Jaqen it-N,en-3 TBD TBD WMIT scholarship.
it Italy Laurentius it-N,en-3 TBD TBD WMIT scholarship.
it Italy Mitchan14 it-N,en-3 TBD TBD WMIT scholarship.
QC Unknown country Ernest-Mtl fr-N,en-3 08-05 08-12 -
de Germany Aude en TBD TBD
us United States Superm401 en, es-2 TBD TBD Longtime editor, now WMF employee. I look forward to seeing everyone and talking about what the Editor Engagement Experiments team is working on.
es Spain Poco a poco es-N, en-3, de-4, it-2, fr-2, pl-2, pt-1 08-06th 08-12th WMDE Scholarship. Btw, interested in a photowikimeetup in HK?
in India Kavya_Manohar ml , en 08-06 08-12 -
hu Hungary Teemeah hu, en-4, tr-3, ru-3, zh-1, ko-1 08-06 08-15 WMHU Scholarship
za South Africa Thuvack en-4,ts-N TBD 08-11 Thanks to WMF for the scholarship!... Look out for the Africa Spaza Shop
us United States LeslieCarr en TBD TBD WMF employee
us United States Steven (WMF) en - - -
us United States Catrope nl-N, en-4, de-2, fr-1 08-04 08-14 WMF employee
us United States RobLa-WMF en 08-06(?) 08-12(?) WMF employee
us United States YWelinder (WMF) en TBD TBD WMF employee
us United States KLove (WMF) en-N, es-4, pt-3, fr-2 TBD TBD WMF employee, really looking forward to joining!
uk United Kingdom Jdforrester (WMF) en-N 08-05 08-12 WMF employee (amongst other things)
US United States rfarrand (WMF) en-N 08-05 08-12 WMF employee, helping with the hackathon, excited to see Hong Kong (and everyone!)
IN India Santhosh.thottingal en, ml-N, ta-2 08-05 08-12 WMF employee
US United States Matthew (WMF) en-N 08-05 08-12 WMF employee working on public relations/communications, assisting Wikimania organizing team in this capacity
ES Spain Pginer en, es, ca TBD TBD WMF employee
cz Czech Republic AKlapper (WMF) en 08-05 08-12 Bugwrangler (WMF employee)
us United States JZimmerman (WMF) en 08-02(?) 08-12(?) WMF employee
us United States Philippe (WMF) en - - WMF employee
us United States Ldavis (WMF) en TBD TBD WMF employee, Wikipedia Education Program
mg ErikV fr TBD TBD
us United States Brion VIBBER en-N,eo-3 TBD TBD longtime dev and WMF employee, MW core and mobile
us United States awjrichards en-N,es-2 TBD TBD WMF employee; software engineer and scrummaster for mobile web. w00t!
us United States MarkTraceur en-N,fr-2 TBD TBD WMF software engineer
us United States Ryan Lane (WMF) en-N TBD TBD WMF employee; Operations Engineer, project lead for Wikimedia Labs, and maintainer of a number of MediaWiki extensions
UK United Kingdom Reedy en TBD TBD WMF employee;
US United States Kaldari en TBD TBD WMF employee
US United States Bryony Jones en 08-07 08-13 WMF employee, staying 1 extra day to work on Fundraising with Megan Hernandez
US United States Megan Hernandez en 08-07 08-13 WMF employee, staying 1 extra day to work on Fundraising with Bryony Jones
us United States Daniel Zahn (mutante) en,de-N,fr-1,ksh-1 TBD TBD WMF employee; Operations Engineer
us United States Brandon Harris (Jorm) en TBD TBD WMF employee; Senior Designer
fi Finland Nikerabbit fi-N,en-3,ru-1,sv-1 TBD TBD WMF employee
nl Netherlands Siebrand Mazeland nl,en TBD TBD WMF contractor
in India Runa Bhattacharjee bn,en TBD TBD WMF contractor
us United States Geoff Brigham (WMF) en tbd tbd WMF employee
us United States Jessie Wild (WMF) en tbd tbd WMF employee
us United States Gayle Karen Young (WMF) en tbd tbd WMF employee
us United States Fabrice Florin (WMF) en tbd tbd WMF employee
eu Europe Dvdgmz ca-N, es-4, en-1 ~08-07 ~08-12 WMF IEG grantee. Thanks for that!
IE Circlesandsquares en 08-03 08-12 Flights booked - Boston-NY-HK. Staying in Mini Hotel Central for the duration, then traveling to Bangkok.
pl Poland Pundit pl-N, en-4, de-1, ru-1 08-06 08-13 Funds Dissemination Committee member looking forward to discussing our work :) Flights booked.
us United States Siko Bouterse (WMF) en 08-06 08-13 WMF employee; grantmaking
US United States Garfield Byrd (WMF) en 08-06 08-13 WMF employee
US United States Victorgrigas en 08-07 08-13 WMF employee; Storyteller
IL Israel ovedc en, eh 08-07 08-12 Thanks to WMF for the scholarship!
BD Bangladesh Ali Haidar Khan bn-n, en-3, hi-2, fr-1 08-06 08-12 Funds Dissemination Committee member.
US United States Maryana (WMF) en-N, uk-4, ru-4 08-06 08-12 WMF employee
BR Brazil HAndrade (WMF) pt, en 08-06 08-12 WMF contractor; brazil catalyst project
US United States Jalexander en-N, fr-1 08-06 08-13 (tentative) WMF Employee among many things :) other account User:Jamesofur Hong Kong! \o/
BD Bangladesh Bellayet bn, en 08-08 08-12 Flight booked, Visa Confirmed.
KH វ័ណថារិទ្ធ km-n, en-3, ko-1 08-04 08-12 Flight booked, Visa secured. First time to attend and presenting Khmer Wikipedia. Excited to meet everyone in Hong Kong!
us United States JAnstee (WMF) en 08-07 08-13 WMF employee
de Germany Olaf Kosinsky de, en-2 08-06 08-12 WMAT scholarship
us United States Kul en 08-06 08-11 WMF employee; Wikipedia Zero
- Qgil en-3 ca-N es-N de-1 fr-1 tbd 08-12 WMF employee, technical contributor cordinator.
us United States AndrewBogott en-N 08-04 08-13 WMF employee, WikiMedia Labs engineer. HK Mobile # 56922054
us United States MBrown (WMF) en-N es-1 de-1 08-03( still need to confirm) 08-12 WMF employee, hr administrator.
au Australia Lankiveil en-N ga-1 08-07 08-13 WMAU President
de Germany Bücherwürmlein de-N en-3 08-06 08-12 Tim Moritz, WMDE stip
IN India Psubhashish or, en-N 08-04 08-13 CIS A2K Employee
us United States Ijon he-N, en-N 08-06 08-13 WMF employee
GR Magioladitis el-N, en-3, de-2 08-06 08-13 WM CH scholarship
CH GastelEtzwane en-N, fr-N, de-2, es-1 08-04 08-13 Thanks to WM CH scholarship, allowing me to give my presentation
DE Germany GWicke en-N, de-N, fr-1 08-04 08-13 WMF engineer, Parsoid
us United States CSteipp en tbd tbd WMF employee
IN India Netha Hussain en,ml,kn 08-08 08-12 WMF scholarship. Presenting "Towards bridging the gender gap in Indian Wikimedia Community" with Jadine Lannon
us United States Sharihareswara (WMF) en-N, ru-1, fr-1, kn-1 tbd tbd WMF employee, Engineering Community Manager. Glad to be coming!
CH Chandres en-3, fr-N, 08-06 08-13 I will be present in the Chapter's Village
CH Pdproject de, en-3, fr-2, 08-06 08-13 I will be present in the Chapter's Village; WMCH member; visit our project at WMCH chapter
CH ChristophZ de-N, en-3, fr-1, 08-06 08-13 I will be present in the Chapter's Village at WMCH; Visit our project at WMCH chapter
de Germany BlaueWunder de-N, en-4, fr-2 08-06 08-12th WMDE scholarship
de Germany Nicole Ebber (WMDE) de-n, en-3 08-06 08-12 WMDE employee, International Affairs, Chapters Dialogue, Chapters Village
de Germany Wenke Storn (WMDE) de-n, en-4, fr-4 08-06 08-12 WMDE employee, event management
de Germany Lydia Pintscher (WMDE) de-n, en-4, la-1, es-1 08-05 08-12 Wikidata, community communication around tech
AR Argentina Isha es-n, en-3, pt-1 TBD TBD
AR Argentina Galio es-N, en-3, fr-2, it-2 TBD TBD
AR Argentina Mahadeva es-n, en-3 TBD TBD
NL Netherlands Jan-Bart en-n, nl-n 08-04 08-12 WMF Board
ES Spain Góngora es-n, en-n, ca-4 Aug 9 08-14 WMF scholarship
HR Denny hr-n, de-n, en-4 08-04 08-12 WMDE, Wikidata
MA زكريا ar, en, fr 08-06 08-12 will be presenting
CH Beat Estermann de-n, en-3, fr-3, ru-2 08-02 08-13 Attending WikiSym / OpenSym, 5-08-07
FR France Trizek fr-n, en-3 08-05 08-12 WMFr member, thanks to WMCH for the scholarship
FI Finland Susannaanas fi-n, en-3, sv-2, fr-2 08-06 08-12 WMFI vice chair, Wikimaps (presentation)
US United States Frank Schulenburg de-n, en-4, fr-3 08-06 08-12
CA Canada Eclecticology en, fr 08-06 08-12 WMCA
US United States Tbayer (WMF) de-N, en-4, es-2, fr-2 08-04 ca. 08-12 WMF employee. Presentation: editor surveys, co-panelist: Wikimedia storytelling
CH Muriel Staub (WMCH) de-n, en-4, fr-3, es-2 08-05 08-12 WMCH community liaison, will be present in the Chapters Village
SE Sweden Eihpossophie sv-n, en-4, es-2 08-03 08-12 WMF employee
NL Netherlands Ad Huikeshoven nl-n, en-4 08-06 08-12 WMNL board member
SG Smuconlaw en-n 08-06 08-11 Not due to give any presentation at the conference, but am happy to talk about my experience using Wikipedia as a teaching tool at a suitable forum, if anyone can suggest one.
de Germany Stepro de-n, en-3 08-05 08-12 WMDE board member // Quo vadis, Wikiquote? // The old and mostly unknown sister projects – how to deal with them in future.
uk United Kingdom Mike Peel en-n 08-06 08-13 Wearing FDC hat
il Israel Amire80 ru, he-5, en-4, ca-3 08-03 08-13 Amir E. Aharoni. WMF contractor. Presenting Submissions/Multilingual Wikimedia Commons - What can we do about it.
de Germany Mglaser de-n, en-4 08-04 08-14 WCA Council Chair, WMDE
us United States EYoung (WMF) en, esp 08-02 08-12 WMF contract staff-Conference Coordinator
eg Mohamed Ouda ar, en 08-05 08-13
rs Serbia Dungodung sr, en 08-07 08-19 Wikimedia Serbia board member; no thanks to anyone
nl Netherlands SRientjes nl-n, en-n, de-4 08-06 08-11 Wikimedia Nederland employee: executive director
AZ Azerbaijan Wertuose az-N, en-2, ru-4, tr-4 08-07 08-13 Sysop in Azerbaijani Wikipedia
BD Bangladesh nasir8891 bn-n, en-3, hi-2 08-06 08-12 Wikimedia Bangladesh
IN India Visdaviva te-N, en, kn, hi 08-04 08-13 CISA2K Programme Director. Glad to be coming!
DE Germany Sebastian Wallroth de, en-1, ru-3 08-03 08-12 WP DE, Commons, Meta, Board Member Wikimedia Deutschland
BG Bulgaria Dimi_z en, de, bg, fr-3 08-02 08-12 WMAT member, Wikimedian in Brussels
UK United Kingdom Jon Davies (WMUK) en, fr, cy-1 08-06 08-12 WMUK Chief Executive
DE Germany Michael Jahn WMDE de-n, en-4 08-07 08-12 WMDE employee, Communications
DE Germany Kasia Odrozek (WMDE) pl-n, de-4, en-4, fr-2, it-2 08-06 08-12 WMDE employee, Assistant to ED
DE Germany Moritz Rahm (WMDE) de-n, en-3 08-07 08-12 WMDE employee, Assistant to the Board
DE Germany Cornelia Trefflich (WMDE) de-n, en-4, es-3 08-06 08-13 WMDE employee, education
ES Spain Raystorm es-n, en-4 08-06 08-12 WMF Board
ES Spain Bluerasberry en-n 08-04 08-13 WM New York City - talk on open access
IN India AroundTheGlobe en-n, hi-4 08-08 08-12 WMIN Board
DE Germany jcornelius de-n, en-4, es-3, pt-3 07-30 08-13 WMDE scholarship; interested in Wikipedia & Commons, the international movement, Chapters Dialogue and WCA, and Karaoke!
US United States thomscher en 08-07 08-12 staff from wikiHow.com -- excited to be joining!
ZH Unknown country The Masked Booby en, zh 08-07 08-12 International Marketing Director for Chinese enterprise
de Germany Mathias Schindler de-N, en-3 08-03 08-12 WMDE employee
ca Canada Amqui fr-N, en-4 08-08 08-12 Thanks to WMCH for Scholarship.
SE Sweden Sniper Zeta sv-n, en-3, no-3, da-2, de-2 07-30 08-12
BE Belgium Jeroen De Dauw nl-n, en-3 08-05 08-12 WMDE employee
de Germany Angelika Mühlbauer (WMDE) de-N, en-3 08-04 08-12 WMDE employee
IN India Anasuya Sengupta (WMF) en, hi-4, bn-1, kn-1 08-06 08-13 WMF employee; Grantmaking
BR Brazil Ocastro (WMF) pt, en 08-07 08-13 WMF consultant; Grantmaking, Brazil Catalyst Program
IN India Yuvipanda en, ta 08-05 08-20 WMF employee
IN India KartikMistry en, gu-N, hi 08-04 08-12 WMF contractor
US United States Tflanagan (WMF) en-N, ar-3, fr-3, it-2 08-05 08-11 WMF contractor, new Arab World Education Program Manager, Wikipedia Education Program.
GB United Kingdom ESanders (WMF) en 08-05 08-12 WMF employee
LT pypt en-3, lt-n, ru-1 08-04 08-18
HK Hong Kong Citobun en-N, fr-2, zh-1, ja-1 volunteering, looking forward to meeting everyone.
US United States Ori.livneh en 08-06 08-12 WMF employee
US United States Emily Blanchard en 08-06 08-12 WMF employee
US United States Bsitu en, zh 08-06 08-12 WMF employee
us United States MHurd en-N 08-06 08-12 WMF employee, mobile
ua Perohanych en-3, uk-N, ru-N, pl-3 08-05 08-12 FDC member, WMUA board member and ED
US United States Ocaasi en-N 08-07 08-20 IEG, grantee and committee
NL Netherlands Lodewijk en-3 08-04 08-13 AffCom
HU Hungary Bence Damokos en-3, it-1.5, hu-n 08-05 08-16 AffCom
de Germany Manuel Merz (WMDE) de-n, en-3 08-08 08-12 WMDE employee, Evaluation
id Indonesia bennylin id-n, en-3 08-05 08-13 Glad I could make it
de Germany Barbara Fischer (WMDE) de-n, en-3, es-3, fr-2, sv-n 08-05 08-11 WMDE employee, GLAM curator
UK United Kingdom Dsvyas gu-n, en-4, hi-4 08-07 08-12 WMUK Scholarship recipient, flights + accommodation booked
de Germany Pouyana fa-n, en-4, de-3, ar-2, tg-3 08-06 08-13 Thank WMDE for the Scholarship.
de Germany Dirk Franke de-n, en-3 08-07 08-14 Thank you WMDE for the Scholarship.
de Germany Kira Kraemer (WMDE) de-n, ru-n, en-3, es-2 08-06 08-12 WMDE employee, Chapters Dialogue, Chapters Village
de Germany Silke_WMDE de-n, en-3, fr-2, pl-2 08-07 08-13 WMDE employee, Toolserver coordination, migration from Toolserver to Tool Labs
hk Hong Kong 春卷柯南 yue-N, zh, en-3, ms-1, vi-1 Definitely, I will come; but I will be late on 9 August, as remedial lessons from 10am-1pm is held in my school in the suburbs; I will be late or absent on 7 August, as I found it unnecessary to join the meetup that day, and the remedial lessons will play an important role in the late presence.
cn China Jimmy xu wrk zh-N, en-3, ja-1 08-06 08-12
br Brazil Vini 175 pt-N, en-3, es-3 08-07 08-13 WMF scholarship
sk Slovakia Jetam2 sk-N, cs-3, de-2, en-4, eo-2, fr-2, yi-1 08-05 08-19 WMF scholarship: Thank you!
fr France Jean-Frédéric fr-N, en-3, es-1 08-03 08-12 WMFR member, thanks to WMCH scholarship
fr France PierreSelim fr-N, en-3, es-0.5 08-03 08-12 WMFR board
US United States Emily Blanchard en 08-06 08-12 WMF employee
US United States Legoktm en-N, gu-1, es-1 08-06 08-12 Excited and thankful for the WMDE scholarship
AM Armenia SusikMkr hy-N, ru-3, en-2 08-07 o8-12 -
US United States Mindspillage en-N 08-05 08-12 handing off my WMF board seat at the meeting just beforehand, looking forward to just seeing people/talks and enjoying the conference this time around!
AU Australia Anthonyhcole en 08-08 08-11 All set.
US United States Alolita Sharma (WMF) en 08-04 08-12 WMF employee
AU Australia Whiteghost.ink en-N, fr-3 08-06 08-12 -
de Germany theredmonkey en - - -
de Germany Pavel Richter (WMDE) de, en 08-06 08-12 Executive Director of Wikimedia Deutschland
ph Philippines seav en-N, tl-N 08-06 08-12 WMPH President
us United States EpochFail en-N 08-03 08-12 Scientist, Wikipedian, WMF employee
de Germany Jensbest de, en 08-03 08-13 Member of the Board WMDE
de Germany Daniel Kinzler (WMDE) de-N, en-3 08-06 08-12 WMDE employee, Wikidata engineer
de Germany Manuela Kanneberg de, en 08-04 08-12 Member of the Board WMDE
ar Argentina Banfield es, en 08-12 WM-AR
pl Poland Piotrus en, pl 08-04 08-14 Also at Wikisym. Wikipedia researcher. Sociologist. In 100 most active en Wikipedians.
pl Poland CLI en, pl 08-05 08-12 -

{{Attend|Pranav Singh|country=IN|lang=en|arv=08-06|dep=08-10|com=WikiLovesMonument Winner Thank you! :D

uk United Kingdom Andrew Davidson en,de,fr 08-08 08-13 -
za South Africa hfordsa en 08-04 08-12 -

Maybe (25%–75%)

Probably (75%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
ph Philippines Titopao tl-N, en-4 TBD TBD I want to attend, but I have yet to sort out the date and the (off-Wikiminaia) itinerary :P
cn China Tommyang en-3, zh-N TBD TBD If no schedule conflicts.
hk Hong Kong Justincheng12345 yue-N,zh-N,en-3 If my chemistry teacher gives me a break.
np Nepal Ganesh Paudel ne-N, new-1, bn-1, bh-2, sa-2, en-3, hi-4, 6 Aug 13 Aug Finally got the visa. See you in Hong Kong!
cn China Park1996 en-2, zh-N TBD TBD
cn China 乌拉跨氪 zh-N TBD TBD
us United States Varnent en-N TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
cn China Zumei en-4, zh-N TBD TBD Looking forward to the upcoming event!
ru Russia Egerman en-4, ru-N, sah-N ko-1 TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
IN India gutam2000 en-4, hi-4, te-4 TBD TBD Subject to grant of scholarship.
pk Pakistan Samar en, ur TBD TBD Definitely if get a scholarship
br Brazil Janice_Justo pt, en, es, fr TBD TBD Definitely if get a scholarship
hk Hong Kong tyteen4a03 yue-N, zh, en-4 Local Local Depends on flight schedule, will be flying to Denmark but unsure of the schedule.
MK Macedonia Brest mk-N, sr-4, bg-3, en-3 TBD TBD Depends on scholarship

Unsure (50%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
cn China Bencmq zh-N, en-3 TBD TBD Semester starts on the very next Monday. Probably needs to get back to university early. Needs to confirm schedule.
us United States geraldshields11 en-N TBD TBD After missing most of 2012 Wikimania, due to pesky work-related reasons, I am unsure - given the 24-hour travel time. If I am able to attend, I want to stay for at least a week. I will apply for a full scholarship to offset the costs and I am willing to be a volunteer. So, I will work for a scholarship; depends on scholarship; depending on what's on offer; need to confirm schedule.
in India Odisha1 en, hi, or TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
in India DebashisM en, hi, bn TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
in India Parvathisri en, ta TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
bd Bangladesh Mohammadnasiruddin bd-N, en-N, hi-N, fr-1 TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
id Indonesia Aldo samulo id TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
cn China Zhaofeng Li zh-N, en-3 TBD TBD I really want to attend, but I'm not sure.
us United States Matthewrbowker en-N, es-3 TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
jp Japan Akaniji ja-N, en-2, zh-1 TBD TBD Depends on my business schedule, which will be announced in spring.
cn China Kuailong zh-N, en-3 TBD TBD Unsure about my schedule.
bd Bangladesh nhasive bd-N, en-N, hi-N TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
cn China Wxzbb zh-N, de-3, en-3 TBD TBD I'm not sure about my schedule, but will try to attend.
ec Tanuyeiro en-N, sp-N TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
ir Iran درفش کاویانی fa-N, tg-4 en-3 -ar-2 de-2 TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
id Indonesia SpartacksCompatriot en-3, id-N, min-N, ms-N, jv-1, su-1 TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
hk Hong Kong chungonion zh-N, yue-N, en-4 N/A N/A varies depend on the travelling schedule
pl Poland ShenMi MeiRen pl-N, en-4, de-2, zh-1 TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
in India Hindustanilanguage en-4,hi-N,ur-N,te-1,eo-1 TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
PK Pakistan Nabil rais2008 en-1,Ur-2 TBD TBD Depends on scholarship
YOUR COUNTRY Unknown country Smallbones en-N, ru-3 TBD TBA very possible - is that 67%?
HK Hong Kong Hoising en, zh N/A N/A very possible
CN China Wwbread zh-N,en-3,de-1 TBD TBD An important visa will be granted around the date, so it really depends.

Probably not (25%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
HK Hong Kong Waihorace yue-N, zh-N, en-4 N/A N/A Too young.
CN China Shujenchang zh-N, en-4 N/A N/A For personal reasons, I am regret that I may not attend Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong.

Definitely not (0%)

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Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
ID Indonesia Siska.Doviana id,en 07 August 2013 12 August 2013 cheap flight purchased cancelled and money is lost. Wikimania is held exactly at Idul Fitri, my family will kill me if I'm not there for the occasion. I will be in Hong Kong after Idul Fitri to see my husband and some other Wikimedian
DE Germany itu de-N, en-2 again scholarship-loser...
CN China SyaNHs ZH
CN China Makecat zh-N, en-2 N/A N/A Semester begins at August 12.
US United States Philosopher en, es-1, zh-1 - - Wish I could go, but it didn't work out. Perhaps next time?
LK Sri Lanka Rehman en, si-1 Aug 6 Aug 14 Registered for the event, but had to cancel it again because travel costs skyrocketed right before my eyes. 15:16, 24 May 2013 (UTC)
UK United Kingdom CT Cooper en-N, de-1 None None Flights and accommodation booked, but I've had no choice but to cancel for medical reasons. I will be recovering costs with my travel insurance. I look forward to attending Wikimania 2014 in my home country!
IN India Karthik en Hope to see you all in London. :)
US United States AutomaticStrikeout en I'd like to come to a Wikipedia event some day, but this just isn't possible.