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This is my user page here. I wont be spending much time here more than what is necessary to achieve my goals in other wiki projects. If you are interested in who I am, please see one or all of the following user pages I keep.

Wikiverstiy. . ·ts.Wikipedia. .

Dumi at Wikimedia Chapters conference in Milan 2013

Hello, my Name is Dumisani Ndubane. I am the current Chairperson of the Wikimedia South Africa chapter. I will be attending Wikimania this year and will also partake in some submissions as shown below.

Wikimedia South Africa will have a booth at the Chapters village. Do come through to our Spaza Shop for a chat about our chapter and some of our cool projects. See you in Hong Kong!! (",)

Wikimania Hong Kong 2013
Submissions I am involved with
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