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From Wikimania 2013 • Hong Kong

I am an employee of Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., the German Wikimedia chapter. This user account is used exclusively for edits in my role as a Wikimedia employee and communications team staff member.

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no, seriously, ask me about documentation, knowledge sharing via reports and self-assessment! I mean it. Reporting is both a service to others and to ourselves. It makes life easier. It's the best way to reward ourselves for all the effort and enthusiasm we devote to our time and projects.
My prerogative is AGF. And no, that's not because nice people ought to believe in the willingness of others to treat them nicely, too. (They should!) Rather, it's the only feasible way of communicating thoughtfully and successfully. People have their reasons, whatever the issue may be. AGF is the way to approach any kind of conflict, although I must admit that my interpretation is a very specific one that includes, among further aspects, the four-sides model and other communication theory standards.
#wiki culture
...for whatever that means. What is the wiki principle? Ask four different people and you'll get five different answers. Test it! Is Wikipedia's success to be seen from a holistic perspective, making it the astounding product of a community? Or is it to be interpreted reductionistically, highlighting individual effort and what editing means from a micro perspective? In short, pinch me if you're in for scrutinizing some fundamental vocabulary!

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The 4-ears-speed-geeking

Find a page for collecting communication misunderstandings here.