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Discover Hong Kong

From Wikimania 2013 • Hong Kong
The type of yacht which gave rise to Hong Kong Tourism Board's icon

Hong Kong is a compact territory with many tourist attractions. Wikimania 2013 won't be organizing guided tours because Hong Kong's attractions are best accessed by public transport and there is so much to see! As a supporter of Wikimania 2013, “Discover Hong Kong” scheme from Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) provides you some travelling assistance and apps to help you navigate Hong Kong’s many worlds.

Booth at Wikimania!

HKTB has an on-site information booth located in the Foyer level of Jockey Club Auditorium during conference. You can simply just walk-in and grab some suggestions for your trip of discovery!

Apps by Discover Hong Kong

Here are some apps to help you navigate Hong Kong’s many worlds! Become a local food expert, experience quirky and exciting festivals, stay up-to-date with local events, or just see what’s around and above you on the densely packed streets of Asia’s world city.

Travel Pack (iPad/ Android tablet app) Island Walks (Phone/Tablet app) City Walks (iPhone/Android phone app) Heritage Walks (iPhone/Android phone app) Augmented Reality (iPhone/Android phone app)

See the full list of apps created and recommended by Discover Hong Kong here!

Other Apps

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Courtesy to Hong Kong Tourism Board / Discover Hong Kong for most of the contents on this page.