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Welcome to Hong Kong. I'm Spring Roll Conan, or simply Conan (Chinese: 春卷柯南, Cantonese pronunciation: /tsʰɵ̄n ky̌n ɔ̄ nȁm/), a Wikimedian from HK. At the moment I am working in Chinese Wikipedia (Userpage) and Wikisource (Userpage), being the host of “Understanding the World” Collaboration Scheme in the Chinese Wikipedia, and preserving Chinese and Vietnamese classics in the Wikisource. In the future, I will like to work for the Wikimedia projects in Southeast Asian languages and Chinese minorities' languages (I am learning Vietnamese and Malay at the moment, but not ready to speak in these languages, unless a self-introduction).

Recently, I hope to gain support and listen to suggestions from Wikipedians around the world in order to make our work better. That's one of my objective for the attendance of Wikimania 2013, which is held in my home city. I intend to exchange viewpoints with my fellow Wikimedians and learn from the viewpoints. Furthermore, I would be glad to introduce a glimpse of Chinese Wikipedia and Wikisource (though there're attendees who know more than me), and learn from the experience of the development of Asian Wikimedia projects, as well as the current situation of these projects.

Being a Wikipedian, I am proud to be a man who bear responsibilities to strengthen the Wikimedia community and serve the global public (but of course, not only by me, and also you). I look for support from my colleagues in different Wikimedia projects in order to improve the context quality and quantity of the Chinese Wikipedia and Wikisource, as well as achieving our target to make human knowledge available for everyone - not only for the rich people and those who speak in languages which takes a privileged position in the language policy.

See you in Hong Kong!

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Dear colleagues, staff of the Wikimedia Foundation, and those who cares about the development of Wikimedia (in Asia/ China),

In June 2013, Edward Snowden, who used to work for CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) of USA, became a whistleblower. According to documents provided by him, NSA launched the XKeyscore program, which enables NSA employee to access to the emails, web browsing records, instant messaging records... without permission. Wikimedia projects are seemed to be a target of this program, and the matter makes some Wikimedian pushed a motion to make HTTPS as the default protocol of security. The Wikimedia Foundation (abbreviated as ) finally accepted their suggestions and decided to redirect HTTP links of Wikimedia project sites to those HTTPS links from 16:00 of the 21st of August (UTC), in the sake of the privacy of users.

However, since June 2013, the HTTPS link of Chinese Wikipedia is banned in the People's Republic of China (abbreviated as PRC as below), when the HTTP link is not censored. Nevertheless, Wikipedians in Mainland China can still "climb the wall" (ie. use VPN, proxy server, or other software used to escape the Internet censorship in the PRC) to access the free encyclopedia. But some IP address of proxy server is prevented to edit in order to prevent robot vandalism. Wikipedians in the mainland may have to apply for rights of IP block exemption if they wished to continue their works (administrators and sysops get this right automatically).

Here is the consequences of the decision made by WMF: HTTPS link will set as default site of the Chinese Wikipedia. As the PRC authority continue to block access for HTTPS link of Chinese Wikipedia, Mainlander or Wikipedian will have to "climb the wall" to gain access of the HTTPS link. Under the policy of the ban of IP addresses of proxy servers, Mainlander can't create new account of the encyclopedia (no whether that is the Chinese version or editions in other languages). Those mainlanders who are enthusiastic in joining Wikipedia (an free, open encyclopedia) may choose to go abroad and spend money unreasonably. Other users who don't have the rights of IP block exemption can't edit Chinese Wikipedia also. Only 200-300 users can edit the encyclopedia as they did before. There will be no more new editors from the Mainland, old user may quit due to different reasons, Wikipedian community in the Mainland China is posed under a great threat. Though we heard that WMF will discuss the issue internally, we have never being acknowledged of what will the WMF do. The future of Mainland Wikipedian community remains unclear.

It should not be said that Mainlanders have done nothing for the Wikimedia. They tried their very best in editing and protecting Wikipedia. As what we actually saw, one of our colleagues remain committed to handle affairs related to Chinese Wikipedia an its official Weibo account (Weibo is the equivalent of Twitter in China). He have done a tremendous job. Some donors donate money to the WMF proactively in order to continue the operation of Wikipedia ,though they know that they will face difficulties to visit the site in the PRC. Some Wikipedians from the Mainland strive for improving the quality of Wikipedia articles - one of them translated lots of articles about the law of the USA and make them to appear in the Did you know? column of Chinese Wikipedia. Another one took photos for his Alma mater, search for news about his Alma mater, and make his Alma mater's article into a good article. Can you tolerate the fall of a Wikipedian community like this?

The Wikipedian community in China requires your support. Your support can ...