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Hi, my name is Silke Meyer and I'm an employee of Wikimedia Germany. I am the project manager for the Toolserver. Meaning: You can ask me about both the current toolserver and the plans for migrating to Tool Labs (part of the Wikimedia Labs). You can find more information here: Blogpost: Preparing for the migration from the Wikimedia Toolserver to Tool Labs, Roadmap: Migration from the Toolserver to Tool Labs,

Feel free to get in touch any time, e.g. at WMDE's booth or online:

Silke Meyer (WMDE)
Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.
#wikimedia-toolserver, #wikimedia-labs: Silke_WMDE

My Wikimania activities

  • Migration workshop for Toolserver users
  • If you have questions about migrating, I will help you find the right persons to talk to.
  • If you want to migrate but you feel you don't have time yourself or your tool needs re-programming work (e.g. for legal reasons), others might help you. Come to me and ask for help!
  • If you wonder why all of this migration thingy is happening, please come and ask me!