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Wikimania logo

Wikimania 2013 mo toropong ya Hong Kong ke bokopano jwa mafatshefatshe jwa Boferabongwe gwaga le gwaga jo bo itebagantseng le dikhutlola tsa Wikimedia di akaretsaWikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikisource, Wikiquote, Wikinews, Wikimedia Commons, Wikiversity, le tse dingwe).Bokopano jo bo letla baitlhaopiWikimedians go tsweng mafatsheng a a farologanyenglefatshe ka bophara go kopana mme ba itsane,go abela maiphitlhelo a bone le ba ba bangwe,le gone go tsosa maikaelelo a go ka tlisa tomagano.Wikimania gape ke lefelo le motheo o Wikimedia o kopanang le karolo ya tsa Thuto le Ngwao go buisana le gone go tlisa tomagano ka mo go tseneletseng,le gone go supa di tlhabololo tsa segompieno mo maranyananeng a Wiki le ngwao ya mahala ko sechabaneng ka karetso.

As a host city, Hong Kong provides unique opportunities for Wikimania. Hong Kong's central location within the Asia-Pacific region and ease of access will draw fresh participants who have not been able to attend Wikimania in the last few years due to concerns about politics or travel costs; Hong Kong's multicultural heritage, refined education system, and unique political situation garners interest in culture, media, academia, and government.

To allow participants to make the best of the conference and engage with each other, the program will include traditional conference offerings such as presentations, panels, workshops, discussions, and poster sessions; plenty of lounge space and breaks are also provided throughout for participants to gather informally. Submissions will be reviewed and selected in advance by the programme committee.

Malatsi a a botlhokwa

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. We hope to see you at Wikimania!

  • Piletso go tsaya karolo e buletswe: 15 December 2012
  • Deadline for submitting proposals is: 30 April 2013, 23:59 UTC
  • Review submissions: May 2013 (submission review table)
  • Notification of acceptance: May - June 2013 - 1st round was sent on 17 May 2013.


Megoga e dirisiwa ke Wikimania go rulaganya boineelo le go letla dithuto seka dipuisanyo tse di farologanyeng mme di itebagantse le go tlisa molaetsa o o bapileng.Tse di latelang ke megoga e e akanyeditsweng go tshwarwa ka Wikimania 2013.

Wikis mo Asia

Asia poses several challenges and opportunities to the wiki ecosystem. How can we develop Wikimedia projects and encourage localization in local languages such as Cantonese and Indic languages where they are overshadowed by more prominent languages such as English and standard Chinese? How can we replicate the success of the European Wikimedia chapters in the Asia-Pacific region? Moving from cooperation to dissent, territorial and political disputes in the real world often manifest themselves as edit-wars and administrative disputes on Wikipedia; government censorship, such as the Great Firewall of China, has given rise to local editable encyclopedias which have established themselves in Internet culture and compete with Wikipedia. This track aims to build on the similarities and sort out the differences among Wikimedians, and encourage engagement with the wider world.

Bo boledi jwa Ngwao le Thuto

Ka dikhutlola tse di ntsi tsa Wikimedia tse di supang kgolo,GLAMs – galleries, libraries, archives and museums – and academia e nnile bagogi ba popotla ba dikwalo tse disha.Megoga e e itebagantse le go kgolaganyo le go tlisa maatla gareng ga maloko a Wikimedia,GLAMs and education institutions.Dithuto seka di puisano di tla supa metlhale e e farologanyeng e e mashetla ya go supa boboledi le tsone ditshupo tsa botlhaga jwa diragalang tsa gompieno go akaretsa le go supa ditsela tsa bokamoso jwa tshupafalo tsa boitshoko jo.

WikiCulture and Community

Motlhale o o supa kanamo ya setho ya the wiki community le ka fa batsaya karolo le ditlhopha di amanang ka teng.Mafelo a a itseng a akaretsa: go balelwa systemic bias mo metseng jaaka go tlhokafala ga batsaya karolo ba Bomme gape le batsaya karolo go tsweng mo mafatsheng a a tlhabologang;go tlisa ditlhabolola dispute resolution mo dikhutloleng tsa Wikimedia;Dikgotlhang gareng ga melawana e e amanang le lenaneo le le lengwefela;tiriso ya mafoko a asa tshwaneng le go garumelana ga merafe e mengwefela e e kwa tlase ga Wikimedia;le gola ga maloko a motse mo ba utlwane,m gantsi go bitswang "trolls",ba ba kubilweng departed Wikipedia ka mabaka a go sa dumalana le tsa molao.Mo go tse di sele fa go lebiwa seemo sa gompieno,re solofela gore batho ba le bantsi ba tla tlisa dikakanyo tsa bone mme se setlise ditlhabololo tse di tla thusang mo nakong e tlang le go tlise kutlwisisanyo gareng ga batho ba ba nang le dikgotlang.

Ditshekatsheko le go Tshwaraganya setshaba

Jaaka e le bokopano jwa ithuthuntsho,Wikimania e tla bo e naya dithuto ka dipatlisiso tse disha ka ga wikis,gape e bo e buisana le ka dikamano tsa wikis le setshaba ka kakaretso.Dipatlisiso tse di tlwaelesegileng kgabagare tsa dikadimo tsa madi ke tsa boleng le kanamiso ya kitso le go badisa gare ga dikhutlola tsa Wikimedia gape le go tshwantshanngwa le di wikis tse dingwe.Go nale dipatlisiso tse di tseneletseng gare ga Wikipedia le mathata a setho,se se bakang kgangkgolo ya dipuisanyo le go tshwaragana ga setshaba:botsalano gare ga Wikis,bobega-dikgang,gape le bobega-dikgang tsa ngwao;boitshoko jwa malokoa a Wikimedia go bua le puso le the legal sector ka tsa molao motheo le dikgang tsa kgololesego ya puo jaaka SOPA le ACTA.Motlhale o itebaganatse le go dirisa ditlhaloganyo tsa rona ka diemo tsa segompieno go tshwaraganya setshaba sotlhe ka kakaretso go supa maitlamo a Wikipedia a go dira kitso go nna mahala gore mongwe le mongwe a akole.

Maranyane le tsa Dikago

Tiriso ya maranyane le dikago tse di rileng ke nngwe ya konokono tse di agang dikhutlola tsa Wikimedia,di nayang ditlamelo tsotlhe tse di tlhokafalang go tlisa kgolagano.Motlhale o e thusa badiri go supa dipatlisiso tse disha le ditlhabololo mo maranyaneng a wiki.Ditlhogo tse gantsi go buiwanga ka ga tsone di akaretsa: dithuto ka usability,VisualEditor project, Wikipedia mobile interface, Article Feedback Tool, bots, MediaWiki extensions,go phutolola le go selegae,le tse dingwe fela jalo tse di amanang le tsa maranyane.Motlale o one o itebagantse le go kokoanya go tsaya karolo ga ditlhabololo tsa nako e e tlang go tsweledisa ka go latedisa metlhale yotlhe ya batsaya karolo le badirisi ba maranyana a Internet.

Sebaka sa thuto seka dipuisano

Ka gore ngwaga tse di fetlileng go supafala fa go ne ga amogelwa palo ya mananeo,re kopa gore thuto ya gago e seka ya fetla selekanyo sa 25 minutes,se se akaretsa nako ya dipotso.O ka kopa nako,le fa dithuto tse di kutswafaditsweng di ka nna tsa amogelwa.

Nako e e nankotsweng fa ga e akaretse le dibui tsa tota,gotsa dithuto seka dipuisano tse dingwe.Boineelo jwa dithuto tse dingwe tse di nang le dibui gongwe di ka nna boraro kgotso dithuto seka dipuisano tse di nang le moalo wa gore go tla buiwa jang di letlelelwa go ka kopa metsotso e le 70-minute.

Dikopo le dithuto tsotlhe di tla amogelwa kwa bonnong jwa bokopano kgotsa fa go sa seegelwang bokopano,kgotsa eseng jalo di tla amogelwa e le boineelo.

How to submit a proposal

Authors are invited to submit workshop, seminar, tutorial, panel, and presentation proposals by following the directions below.

By submitting a proposal, you agree that the text of your proposal, your presentation slides, and any video recordings can be distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License or a compatible license. You also agree that, under the terms of the license, recordings of your presentation may be broadcast live, recorded, and made available for download later. If you object to these requirements (for instance, if you would prefer not to be filmed), please talk to a program committee member before submitting a proposal.

You will be notified through your contact information about the programme committee's decision regarding your submission.

If your submission is not added to the preliminary schedule, please do not be discouraged: Wikimania 2013 will have time set aside in the schedule for participants and attendees to participate in lounge talks and to form unofficial, self-organized talks and working groups. You will have many opportunities to bring topics forward on-site.

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. We hope to see you at Wikimania!

Note: You need to login with your unified Wikimedia account, or create an account here, in order to submit a proposal.