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Hong Kong (Chinese characters: 香港), often referred as HK or HKG, is a de-facto city-state and one of the two special administrative regions (SARs) of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

The city lies on the southern coast of China, marks the eastern end of the Pearl River Delta, and is embraced by the South China Sea to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the east. In an area of just 1,104 square kilometres, Hong Kong houses a population of seven million, making it the fourth-most densely populated territory in the world.

During the colonial era, the territory espoused minimum government intervention from the British authorities and sheltered immigrants from different parts of the world. The resulting culture, often described as "East meets West", preserves many Chinese traditions; different religions and ethnic groups coexist in it peacefully. The English legal framework and the government's positive non-interventionism economic policy led Hong Kong to become one of the world's leading international financial centres, as well as a hub for regional transport and a famous tourist destination.



Originally a fishing village on the edge of the Chinese Empire, Hong Kong was changed forever when it became a crown colony of the British Empire as a result of the First Opium War. The stability, security, and predictability of British rule enabled Hong Kong to flourish as a centre for international trade. This attracted people from all over the world to come and stay in Hong Kong, and bring in their own culture, religion and cuisine.



City of Victoria, Hong Kong in 1860–65








港元 (The Hong Kong dollar、港幣或HKD) 是香港的法定貨幣,而本地廣東話一般以「蚊」這個相傳是古代貨幣單位「文」的音轉稱代之。在香港本地經常以「$」代表港元,(國際上這個符號常代表美元,但在香港本地則會用「US$」表示美元。而港幣在澳門也廣泛流通,雖然港幣和澳門元有價差,但當地商店會將1港元當作1澳門元收取(1:1)。


2012年1月25日之港幣匯價 (
貨幣 每1港元= 每1外幣=
Australian Dollar AUD 0.12242 HKD 8.16849
Canadian Dollar CAD 0.13028 HKD 7.67552
Swiss Franc CHF 0.119658 HKD 8.35715
Renminbi CNY 0.815998 HKD 1.22549
Euro EUR 0.09879 HKD 10.1224
Pound Sterling GBP 0.08280 HKD 12.0779
Indian Rupee INR 6.44689 HKD 0.15511
Japanese Yen JPY 10.0553 HKD 0.09945
South Korean Won KRW 145.006 HKD 0.00689626
Macau Pataca MOP 1.03000 HKD 0.970874
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 0.396655 HKD 2.52108
New Zealand Dollar NZD 0.15888 HKD 6.29408
Singaporean Dollar SGD 0.163270 HKD 6.12482
Thai Baht THB 4.06593 HKD 0.245946
Taiwanese Dollar TWD 3.85064 HKD 0.259697
US Dollar USD 0.12885 HKD 7.76106
South African Rand ZAR 1.02268 HKD 0.97782

自動櫃員機 (ATM's) 在香港市區相當常見,幾乎全部都可以接受VISA、萬事達卡(MasterCard)、銀通(UnionPay)、萬事順借記卡(Maestro)和Cirrus卡,於此同時,中國銀聯卡也能在不少櫃員機上使用。櫃員機會按需求提供$100、$500或者比較少見的$1000港元的紙幣。信用卡也是相當流行,大部份商店都會接受VISA、萬事達卡(MasterCard)簽帳,部分也兼容美國運通卡(American Express),不過萬事順借記卡(Maestro)並不太流行。一般在店舖門旁會顯示該店可以接受甚麼信用卡的簽帳。


The Octopus card (八達通, "baat daat tung" in Cantonese) provides instant electronic access to Hong Kong's public transport system. As the world's first contactless smart debit card, it can be tapped onto a reader to transfer fare from the passenger to the carrier. It is similar to Singapore's eZ-Link card, London Underground's Oyster card and Japan Railway's IC card. In addition to being used for all forms of public transport (except most of the red-top minibuses and taxis), Octopus is accepted for payment in almost all convenience stores, restaurant chains like McDonald's and Cafe de Coral, many vending machines, all roadside parking and some car parks.