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Ask the Language Engineering team
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Pau Giner and Runa Bhattacharjee
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Spain and India
Wikimedia Foundation
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An open house session for users of various language Wikimedia projects to talk to the Language Engineering team about the tools, features, and issues that may be impacting them and to find optimal ways for continues engagement through on-line collaboration.

Detailed proposal

The Language Engineering team works on building out tools to expand the language coverage in MediaWiki and Wikimedia projects. During this session we intend to have a conversation with users who either use our tools or participate in Wikimedia projects in languages other than English that would reveal how the tools are being used. Users of Language tools are dispersed across the globe, and forums such as this allows us to have valuable in-person discussion about various issues that may not have been brought up or described well enough during on-line communication. Not only will this help us identify priorities for design & development, but also focus our attention on how we can better reach out to the language communities to continue the engagement.

This would be an open-session and it is expected that the discussion will be centered around, but not limited to the following:

  1. Language Tools used in Wikimedia projects
  2. Enriching the language features
  3. Issues with current set of tools
  4. Means to address language bugs
  5. Collaboration and engagement
  6. More related topics...
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45 Minutes
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