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Submissions/Multimedia Roundtable

From Wikimania 2013 • Hong Kong
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Title of the session
Multimedia Roundtable
Type of session
creative workshop / group discussion
Date/time for the session
Thursday, August 8th, 10:00 local time
Length of session
120 minutes

(we have the room until 12:30, if some want to stay longer)

Pre-conference site, room Rm M108 (next to lunch area)
Session Report
(NEW) See this Roundtable Report for more info about this session.

This special roundtable workshop will invite community members to discuss feature ideas for new multimedia tools under consideration by the Wikimedia Foundation. Our new multimedia team is exploring a range of solutions for providing a richer media experience on Wikipedia, through features like better multimedia displays, easier upload and editing tools, new curation and feedback tools. We will brainstorm and review a couple new product ideas, as well as help refine the goals outlined in this planning page for the multimedia team. This creative workshop will be facilitated by WMF staff and community members familiar with our new multimedia initiatives.

Detailed proposal

How can we create a richer multimedia experience on Wikipedia?

This special roundtable workshop will invite community members to discuss ideas for solving issues outlined in this planning page for the Wikimedia Foundation's new multimedia team.

We will explore and brainstorm some of these feature ideas for new multimedia tools under consideration by our team:

  • Media viewer
  • New curation / feedback tools
  • Discovery and article insertion tools

During this workshop, we will focus on some of these problems, identify product goals, review proposed solutions, and discuss next steps for this initiative.

We propose to discuss up to three specific projects that would make better use of images, audio and video on Wikipedia and Commons.

  • Topic 1 - Media viewer: How can multimedia content be displayed better? (e.g. larger images, full screen mode, better galleries, slideshows)
  • Topic 2 - Curation/feedback tool: How can users curate media files more effectively together? (e.g. comparisons, tags and/or ratings for each file)
  • Topic 3 - Discovery and article insertion tools: How can editors find and add multimedia content to articles more easily? (e.g. better search, expand VE's Insert Media tool)

After an initial presentation about our goals and media ecosystem, we will devote most of this session to brainstorming and reviewing possible solutions for each of these topics, as outlined in this proposed agenda:

  • Introduce participants and their interests (15:00)
  • Present and discuss multimedia goals and ecosystem (30:00)
  • Discuss Topic 1 (20:00)
  • Discuss Topic 2 (20:00)
  • Discuss Topic 3 (20:00)
  • Conclusions and Q&A (15:00)

We hope to engage up to a dozen community members and a dozen WMF team members to collaborate in this creative workshop and guided discussion.

We welcome your suggestions for participants to invite, discussion topics or improvements to this proposed agenda. Please add your comments on this discussion page -- or email fflorin@wikimedia.org with your recommendations.

Author of the submission
Fabrice Florin
Country of origin
Wikimedia Foundation
E-mail address
Fabrice Florin (WMF)
Personal homepage or blog
@fabriceflorin on Twitter
Pre-conference, Technology and Infrastructure
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