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Hello and welcome to the Wikimania 2013 Wiki!

Our volunteers and organizing team will make Wikimania 2013 the best conference it can possibly be. In addition to performing vital functions and providing much-needed help, volunteers will aid with organization in the months leading up to the conference.

Remember that you can contact us at any moment! Deryck Chan (talk) 21:23, 24 January 2013 (UTC)Reply

Wikimedia Organisations Seminar

Dear colleague, great that you are coming to Wikimania! At the moment, I am busy with the preparation of our seminar: Wikimedia Chapters Association - Organisations Seminar. Maybe this is interesting also for you, if you are connected to a Wikimedia organisation or want to become? Kind regards Ziko (talk) 18:12, 22 July 2013 (UTC)Reply

Dear Ziko, Thank you for inviting me to attend the WCA seminar! I am arriving in Hong Kong on 7th August in the evening. I have also committed to participate in the IdeaLab Brainstorming session happening on 8th August. I am sorry that my scheduled got packed well enough to not be able to spend time for WCA, but I shall most surely listen to the updates of the seminar, and if possible, peek in to the seminar for a short duration in the morning of 8th, before the IdeaLab brainstorming starts. Thanks again for inviting, and I hope to meet you soon! --Netha Hussain (talk) 18:44, 22 July 2013 (UTC)Reply
Thank you for your note, and - maybe the WOS will be worth to peek in a little bit more. :-) Success with your brainstorms, and see you! Ziko (talk) 18:49, 22 July 2013 (UTC)Reply

Urgent: Date for Wikimedia Asia meeting

Hi! Thanks for expressing interest in attending a Wikimedia Asia meeting. We are urgently trying to decide whether the meeting should be held at 17:30 on Friday, 9 August, or Saturday, 10 August. Please indicate whether you are free on one or both of that dates in the table on this page (scroll down if necessary) by 12:00 noon (Hong Kong time) on Friday, 9 August. This will help us decide which date suits the largest number of people. Check "Wikimedia Asia meeting#Details" to find out the confirmed date. Thanks. Smuconlaw (talk) 18:04, 8 August 2013 (UTC)Reply