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One of the videos imported by the bot: a cricket spinning silk.
An audio import: a frog's territorial calls.
Uploads by the Open Access Media Importer to Wikimedia Commons between July 2012 and January 2013. See also the OGV trajectory on the Commons Report Card.
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Open Access Media Importer
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Daniel Mietchen
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User:Daniel Mietchen
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The Open Access Media Importer is a tool that transfers audio and video files from suitably licensed scholarly articles (with an initial focus on biomedicine) to Wikimedia Commons. In this session, its design and operation will be presented, along with observations on the reuse of the imported files and on the extendability of the approach to non-multimedia materials or to open-access sources beyond biomedicine.

Detailed proposal

PubMed Central is a large database of biomedical publications, some of which are available under a license that permits reuse of the materials on Wikimedia projects. The Open Access Media Importer is an automated tool that scans PubMed Central for such openly licensed articles and checks whether there are any audio or video files associated with them. If so, it converts them to a format accepted by Wikimedia Commons and uploads them there, along with complete metadata and suggested Commons categories. The tool has contributed about half of the OGV files on Wikimedia Commons.

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25 Minutes
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  • This presentation would be given on-wiki, making use of video and sound

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