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Supporting translation of Wikipedia content
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Siebrand Mazeland
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The Netherlands
Wikimedia Foundation
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The Wikimedia Foundation Language Engineering team was formed two years ago. Many steps forward have been made in providing input tools, a solid internationalisation foundation for the MediaWiki software, support for text output using web fonts and the facilitation of translation for the software and structured, fairly static content within the same wiki. Having completed these foundations so that everyone can technically contribute, the time is right for the next step: Make it easy for users to translate large pieces of content from one language wiki to another without technical hurdles.

Detailed proposal

In the past, both Google (Google Translator Toolkit) and Microsoft (WikiBhasha) have tried to facilitate translation of Wikimedia content using tools. Neither of these tools have managed to gain much traction within our Wikimedia communities, for various reasons. Such a tool developed based on comprehensive user testing allows users to reuse content easily from Wikimedia projects in non English languages as well as allow them to expand multilingual free knowledge that the Wikimedia projects have to offer. We will create a tool which allows translating content for a Wikipedia page from any language Wikipedia to any other Wikipedia that does not yet have a page on the topic. We think that Wikimedia developing it, will increase acceptance within the community, and guarantee it will be maintained.

One of the workflows could be envisioned as follows: The UI will have a link "Translate this page for another Wikipedia" for logged in users. When clicked, the user would be asked to select the Wikipedia version they would like to translate in. Language versions that do not yet have an interlanguage link can be chosen. The logged in user would now be on the target wiki, where a version basic wiki markup elements of the source page would be made available for translation in parts. This version could be now edited using the Translate translation editor with aids including machine translation suggestions from 3rd party translation services from Google, Microsoft and Yandex, as well as a Wikimedia Foundation facilitated translation memory. This workflow will play out in the personal namespace of the user that initiated the translation, and multiple users will be able to work on the translation of a page at the same time. Once a user chooses to publish the translation, they will be asked for a name of the target page, and the translated pieces can be published.

Additional product features may be mapping references, preserving wiki links, after having resolved the network to ensure there is an existing target page and more, depending on time and priority.

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