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Language Usability Outreach Program
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Runa Bhattacharjee
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Wikimedia Foundation
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The Wikimedia Language Engineering team has been consistently working to improve its engagement with the community of users from various language Wiki projects. Through this session, we will initiate our new outreach program for focused interaction between the Language Engineering team and representatives from the community who are active participants in Wikimedia language projects and have an understanding of the language tools/processes used in the projects.

Detailed proposal

The Language Outreach initiative stems from need to bridge the language gap between the Wikimedia language community and the Language Engineering team. Even with a combined language proficiency of more than 15 languages among the team members, the Language Engineering efforts require additional expertise for nearly 300 more languages for which internationalization and localization support is constantly being developed. The outreach initiative is aimed to bridge this gap by engaging the larger community of users to focus on specific areas pertaining to usability feedback, user engagement and expert guidance for development decisions for the language tools. The representatives of the outreach program will be given an overview about providing feedback to the Language Engineering team and engaging with the language community through pre-determined action plans, regular activities, best practices, qualitatively measurable outcome and constant communication.

During this workshop, we intend to initiate this program with a few members of the language communities by focusing on:

  • pre-requisites for on-line communication and other interaction
  • marking the tools that are of priority
  • best practices for efficient feedback
  • community engagement
  • checkpoints for measurable impact
  • other engagement activities

Also, we would be discussing about practices that have been followed by the language community members that can be integrated into the program.

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45 Minutes
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