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... and other photographic hunts

Participants preparing their way for a photographic hunt.
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Wikipedia Takes Your City, and other photographic hunts
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Benoit Rochon
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Wikimedia Canada
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Benoit Rochon
Wikipedia Takes Montreal by Benoit Rochon
This presentation will explore the planning, execution and the results of a photographic scavenger hunt like Wikipedia Takes Your City, but not only. Since the first event in New York in 2008, there were more than 50 city hunts around the world. But alternatives for smaller photographic events will be presented, such as Regional Photo Clubs, Photo Walks, GLAM Photo Tour, etc.
Detailed proposal
Several aspects of a city, such as street furniture, parks, roads, buildings, monuments, etc., are not well illustrated in Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons. Organizing a photographic event in your city would be a great way to fix this situation. This can be a huge event such as Wikipedia Takes Your City and Wiki Loves Monuments, but also smaller events could be set up like photographic walks, a Regional Club Photo, or even a collaboration with a GLAM institution (Gallery, Library, Archives, Museum) where local Wikipedians could be invited to a "Backstage Pass Tour ".
The speaker will address all aspects of preparation and execution so that you can organize photographic events in your area. He will also talk about common mistakes made in the past and more importantly how to avoid them. Finally, he will discuss how to reach people, not only Wikipedians, to increase the participation of newcomers.
This is a great way to develop material under a free license as well as initiate new contributors to Wikimedia projects in your area. It is also a great way to make new friends!
Cultural and Educational Outreach
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25 Minutes
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