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Video recording of a talk on wikifying academic publishing. Also available via Vimeo and YouTube.
Kaveh Bazargan, River Valley TV: Academic Publishing in Europe 2012
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The research cycle: imagine it had a public version history and open licensing per default.
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Wikifying academia
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Daniel Mietchen
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Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
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User:Daniel Mietchen
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The scholarly community has been slow in adopting some of the core components of Wikimedia projects - online collaboration, public version histories and reuse-friendly licenses. What can you do about that?

Detailed proposal

This session has several components, which will be developed consecutively after a brief general introduction about online collaboration, public version histories and reuse-friendly licenses in the context of academia. These components are:

  • Wikifying research workflows (see earlier talk)
  • Wikifying research institutions and scholarly societies (see earlier talk)
  • Wikifying research funding (think how the processes around WMF grants differ from those of classical research grants)
  • Wikifying scholarly publishing (see earlier talk)
  • Wikifying conferences (think how Wikimania differs from scholarly conferences)
  • Wikifying coursework (think Education Portal)
Cultural and Educational Outreach, WikiCulture and Community
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25 minutes
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  • This presentation would be given on-wiki, making use of video and sound

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