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Submissions/WikiProject: AIDS Control Agencies in India

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WikiProject: AIDS Control Agencies in India

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The presentation is aimed at giving the highlights about the articles on the State AIDS Control Societies in India on the Hindi Wikipedia. Each state in India has its own AIDS Control Society.

Detailed proposal

WikiProject AIDS Control Agencies in India

WikiProject:AIDS Control Agencies in India

Till June 2012, the Hindi Wikipedia, used by millions of users across India and abroad did not have any article on AIDS Control Organizations in India, though it had articles related to topics such as HIV and Sex Education. This prompted me to create articles on the Hindi Wikipedia related India's National AIDS Control Organisation as well as the various State AIDS Control Societies in India.

The project which I undertook was both a rewarding and an enriching experience. A very brief and bird's eye view of the interesting aspects which I found during the course of executing this project are listed below. The hyperlinked text in each paragraph leads to the precise article on the Hindi Wikipedia:

  • In 1986, following the detection of the first AIDS case in the country, the National AIDS Committee was constituted in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This Committee, which was the forerunner of National AIDS Control Organisation, highlights the proactiveness of the government of India in meeting the menacing challenge posed by the epidemic. 1992 witnessed India’s first National AIDS Control Programme (1992-1999) and the formation of National AIDS Control Organisation to implement it. Apart from AIDS Control, the agency oriented itself to the establishment of blood banks to ensure the availability of infection-free blood across the country. [1]
  • Goa State AIDS Control Society in a working arrangement with various mobile service providers launched a unique facility of sending SMS alerts reminding HIV patients about the monthly drug regimen dosage. This puts an end to the cumbersome and privacy-invasive telecalling reminders in a state which has 14486 HIV and 1546 AIDS patients.Mobile Advertising as an economical, less-manpower intensive, highly personalized and privacy-respecting mode of communication.[2] Thus, Goa State AIDS Control Society has demonstrated how technology can be used an effecting tool in combating AIDS.
  • Water is one of the quintessential needs for the survival and sustenance of life and earth. And precisely because of this reason, Chhattisgarh State AIDS Control Society embarked on the mission of establishing "Piyao" (Water booths) across the state on prominent public locations such as the bus stands, railway stations, markets, etc, where free literature on HIV/AIDS is provided along with the free supply of drinking water during the scorching heat of the summer.[3] Thus, Chhattisgarh State AIDS Control Society has devised a plan to meet not only the thirst needs of the masses, but also the HIV Awareness needs of the masses in the state in a very novel way.
  • Getting the voluntary organizations involved in HIV awareness drive and also proactively addressing the HIV/AIDS threat through them is a daunting task. But the Punjab State AIDS Control Society managed to secure the active participation of voluntary agencies to carry out its awareness campaigns to the masses through Adolescent Awareness Camps, Magic Shows, Public Awareness Seminars against Female Foeticide, etc.[4][5]
  • With nearly 5 lakh HIV positive individuals, Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society launched a program Mamatha - which encourages expectant mothers to undergo the test and opt for medication if they are found to be HIV positive. The need to prevent new infections by providing safe blood has been looked at through the Raktha Bandhu programme which aims at collecting blood only from voluntary donors to remove the risk of infections posed by the collection from professional donors.[6]
  • If the existing discrimination across the world was in itself not enough, then the complex nature of HIV, has in itself generated a new wave of discrimination in education, public accommodations, employment, transportation, state and local government services across the world, regardless of the legal protection which the victims might be enjoying. [7] It is worth noting here that Himachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society organized unique events of celebrating the Indian festival Holi with HIV positive persons.[8] Similarly, Himachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society also supports road shows to create awareness among the masses with regard to HIV/AIDS and the prevalence of narcotic drugs. [9] Thus, Himachal Pradesh State AIDS Control Society has made significant strides in meetings its twin objectives of bringing the HIV victims to the mainstream and also reaching out the masses on the street with its awareness drive.

Similarly, all other State AIDS Control Societies in India have made progress in the area of HIV/AIDS control and exhibit a lot of interesting facts on the Hindi Wikipedia.

A cursory glance of the above paragraphs may sound that the project highlights only the positive aspects and achievements of the State AIDS Control Societies in India and misses out the obvious lapses and shortcomings. However, these articles also highlight the areas of concern within the working of the State AIDS Control Societies. One such example is the article on Jammu and Kashmir AIDS Control Society which indicates the persistent demand of the employees of the organization for regularization of their services and better pay scales, not a regular feature for most of the State AIDS Control Societies in India. The article on Andaman and Nicobar Islands AIDS Control Society highlights the fact that the obscure working status of the society has led to rumors about the closure of the Society, although these are factually incorrect. Similarly, the article on Lakshadweep AIDS Control Society highlights the dismally low budget allocated for the functioning of the society, a serious monetary impediment in meeting its objectives. Thus, the project is aimed at highlighting both the positive and negative aspects, well in line with the neutral point of view aspect of the Wikipedia. Yet it is a humble effort by one contributor in the constantly evolving nature of Wikipedia and is also subject to continual edits and improvements by other fellow contributors over time.


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