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University Program "Share your knowledge with Wikipedia"
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Adrienne Alix
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Wikimédia France
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Wikimédia France

Wikimédia France is involved in educationnal programs since 2 years. One of the most successfull is the program for PhD students and young researchers.

We will share how we can involve universities and high-qualified people to contribute on Wikipedia into their university to include scientific popularization into the students program.

Detailed proposal

This program started by a teacher in Lille Nord University in 2009. He included editions on Wikipedia in the training sessions for PhD students to learn them how to contribute on Wikipedia about their research subjects.

In june 2011, Wikimedia France hired a project manager for educationnal and research projects. She made the projects reusable and extend this for other universities, to purpose a model for projects with PhD students and young researchers.

The project model is now active for several universities with successfull results :

  • 6 universities involved
  • 82 PhD students involved
  • 37 teachers
  • 50 students in documentation trained
  • 4 researchers, who trained 47 students
  • More than 1000 edits on articles (in fr:,and several wikipedia :de :en :it :ar :nl )
  • > 50 new articles
  • > 1 Mega of text in fr:Wikipedia

(see stats : [1])

The project is now mature and we purpose to share key-actions and principles to expand in other universities and value this kind of educationnal projects in other countries


  • Cultural and Educational Outreach
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25 minutes
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  1. Daniel Mietchen (talk) 00:29, 30 April 2013 (UTC) - see also Submissions/Wikifying academia[reply]
  2. Phoebe (talk) 04:59, 1 May 2013 (UTC) interested in education models and projects, as a follower of the US education project discussions[reply]
  3. Ziko (talk) 18:10, 3 May 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  4. GastelEtzwane (talk) 15:58, 4 May 2013 (UTC) Interested in different ways to involve students as contributors.[reply]
  5. Mitchan14 (talk)