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Submissions/Turnkey Mediawiki Test Platforms: Vagrant and Labs

From Wikimania 2013 • Hong Kong

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Turnkey Mediawiki Test Platforms: Vagrant and Labs

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Andrew Bogott, Ori Livneh

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United states



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abogott@wikimedia.org, ori@wikimedia.org


andrewbogott, Ori.livneh

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We will demonstrate two new tools for setting up a fully working MediaWiki install in just a few minutes. Mediawiki-Vagrant, which runs on a local virtual machine, is useful as a private testing and development platform. Mediawiki_singlenode, which runs on Wikimedia Labs, is useful for public demonstrations or collaborative development.

Neither tool requires any systems or Apache knowledge, so they're great for developers who want to skip the administration and get straight to coding.

Detailed proposal

After a brief sketch of the technical background (puppet, git, labs, vagrant), the presentation will have two sections:

- Mediawiki-Vagrant (Ori)

MediaWiki-Vagrant (http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Mediawiki-vagrant) is a portable MediaWiki development environment. It consists of a set of configuration scripts that automate the creation of a virtual machine that runs MediaWiki. The virtual machine that MediaWiki-Vagrant creates makes it easy to learn about, modify, and improve MediaWiki's code: useful debugging information is displayed by default, and various developer tools are set up specifically for inspecting and interacting with MediaWiki code, including a powerful debugger and an interactive interpreter. Best of all, because the configuration is automated and contained in a virtual environment, mistakes are easy to undo.

Ori will demonstrate how to provision a fully-working, feature-rich MediaWiki instance from scratch, and showcase some of the facilities for debugging and interactive development.

- Mediawiki on Labs (Andrew)

Wikimedia Labs is a virtualization cluster run by the Wikimedia Foundation to provide testing and development infrastructure to volunteers. Registration is free, open to the public, and relatively simple. Labs users create virtual servers and configure them via a web interface; A single checkbox will configure an existing server with a simple, fully-functional MediaWiki install running directly out of source control.

Andrew will demonstrate creation and configuration of a labs Mediawiki server. Then he'll run through a few labs features that a development team can use to collaborate in MediaWiki testing, development, and demonstration.


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40 minutes plus Q+A
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