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The Slovak Wikipedia Community

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Presentation of 25 folies.

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Wikipedia Slovakia / Editor; Wikimedia Slovakia / Member, Wikimedia Commons / Photographer
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The history and interesting aspects of the hard-working slovakian wikipedian community. From the beginning until nowadays.

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The history and interesting aspects of the slovakian wikipedia community. From the beginning until nowadays. My publicum friendly (I hope so) presentation of 25 folies is about the slovak wikipedia community, about our special habits and our intern community culture. The presentation begins with explanations about the country Slovakia in relation to slovak wikipedia (inhabitants/wikipedians, area/articles, etc.). After that, the presentation includes nice screenshots and some detailed stats about the short but rich slovak wikipedian history (f.e. which were the first 5 articels, who edit them, etc.) and about the slovak wikipedia community from the years 2003 to 2013 (f.e. What are the strong topics in slovak mutation?). Furter there are explanations in the short but good presentation about some slovakian well-known, most active and hard-working wikipedians - who they are (mostly just nicknames and pseudonyms), how much edits they have, what they do in the community, some very interesting facts about them. The next topic in the presentation are the themes in the discussion of the slovak wikipedians (but I mean that is similar to the other communities, or probably not?). The last two folies are about the Wikimedia Slovakia, at the moment for low member base just a NGO status, no chapter or user group status from WMF (april 2013) and about the founding process of this organisation and the work and sense for the slovak and international community. Thats it. It would be my pleasure to make the presentation in Honk Kong.

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