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This is a withdrawn submission for Wikimania 2013.

This proposal is withdrawn. The presenter cannot attend Wikimania 2013 for personal reasons. Very regret about it, maybe next year! --Shujen Chang (talk) 00:23, 10 April 2013 (UTC)[reply]

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Title of the submission
The Overview and Future of Chinese Wikiversity (中文維基學院之回顧與展望)
Type of submission
presentation and discussion
Author of the submission
Shujen Chang & Guoyunhebrave
Country of origin
Chinese Wikiversity (Beta)
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User:Shujenchang, User:Guoyunhebrave
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Introduction of the Wikiversity and talking about the future development of Chinese Wikiversity (such as separate from Beta Wikiversity to an independent project) to Chinese community in Mandarin Chinese with my partner Guoyunhebrave.

Detailed proposal

The Wikiversity project has been started from 2006. However, the participation in Chinese Wikiversity (on Beta Wikiversity) is still low. In my analysis, it is because not many Wikimedians in Chinese community do not know what wikiversity is. As the administrator of Beta Wikiversity, I will introduce the Wikiversity and talk about the future development of it (such as spart from Beta Wikiversity to an independent project) to Chinese community in Mandarin Chinese with my partner Guoyunhebrave.


  • Introduction of Wikiversity
    • What is Wikiversity?
    • What does Wikiversity study about?
    • About original research
  • Overview of Chinese Wikiversity
    • Current activated researches in Chinese Wikiversity
    • (TBD)
  • Future development of Chinese Wikiversity
    • Independent plan
    • (TBD)



  • 介紹維基學院
    • 何謂維基學院?
    • 維基學院研究甚麼?
    • 關於原創研究
  • 中文維基學院之回顧
    • 目前中文維基學院活躍的研究項目
    • (待定)
  • 中文維基學院之未來發展
    • 獨立計劃
    • (待定)

Analysis and Public Engagement
Length of presentation/talk
25 Minutes
Language of presentation/talk
Mandarin Chinese
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