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The Graffiti of The Arab Spring as Visual Mass Communication in Egypt.

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Nessma Elaassar

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Nessma Elaassar

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"Graffiti writing breaks the hegemonic hold of corporate/governmental style over the urban environment and the situations of daily life. As a form of aesthetic sabotage, it interrupts the pleasant, efficient uniformity of "planned" urban space and predictable urban living. For the writers, graffiti disrupts the lived experience of mass culture, the passivity of mediated consumption." - Jeff Ferrell, Crimes of Style.

In Egypt and in all the Arab Countries, The Graffiti Art seems to be the only triumph of the Arab Spring...

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In the case of the “Arab Spring”, Graffiti are deeply Mass Communication/Cultural Frustration and Individual Expression of a very hard historic and political situation. As technological developments have globalized modern graffiti culture, it is used to empower the Arab Spring. The hundreds graffiti made in Egypt during these last two years are the expression of the rebellious spirit of middle class youths and the unhappiness of millions of human beings.

1.The presentation would like to show and talk and spread about the phenomen as the story of the Egyptian street during and beyond the revolution. And this will be possible only with the help made by many artists and photographers that preserved with their photos many images of the arab Spring Graffiti. One of the most important book on the subject is "Wall Talk" by Sherif Boraie, contains more than 600 pictures.

2.The presentation would like to explain the history and the art history during this period in the Middle East, trying to answer to these questions: Are Arab graffiti a form of art or an act of vandalism?; Do they have social meaning? Is cultural education the password for Arab graffiti to gain more ground?; Does the whole phenomen concern the global tribe?

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