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From Wikimania 2013 • Hong Kong

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2013.

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Submission no.
Subject no.
Pair of Merops apiaster feeding. POTY 2012
Dracorex pan body. Background story.
Saxifraga in the Herbarium Neuchâtel
Código Qrpedia (Péndulo de Foucault) instalado en el Museo de la Ciencia de Valladolid
Title of the submission
Science GLAM
Type of submission
Author of the submission
Pierre-Selim Huard, Daniel Mietchen
Country of origin
France, Germany
E-mail address
pierre-selim.huard@wikimedia.fr daniel.mietchen@okfn.org
User:PierreSelim, Daniel Mietchen
Personal homepage or blog
http://commonists.wordpress.com , http://wir.okfn.org

Since Wikimania DC, GLAM activities have grown and widened in many aspects, including increased incorporation of scientific matters. The aim of this session is to review activities around Science GLAM, and to discuss how to move forward on that basis.

Detailed proposal

This contribution is composed of two parts - a presentation on a collaboration of Wikimédia France with the Museum of natural history of Toulouse, and another one on Science GLAM more broadly. This combination worked fine at GLAM Wiki UK, so we submitted together this time.

  • Part I is about Projet Phoebus: How a museum from a regional town in France won the Picture of the Year 2012 on Wikimedia Commons
Early 2013, the picture of the year 2012 contest was won by a curator of the Museum of natural history of Toulouse. He started contributing his pictures after the museum started the Projet phoebus which intends to share content on Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia.

In Part II (which could be given first, if that makes sense in the context of neighbouring time slots), an overview will be given on scientific components within GLAM activities worldwide, including

Cultural and Educational Outreach
Length of presentation/talk
~60 Minutes (could be split into the two parts if really necessary)
Language of presentation/talk
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Special requests
  • This presentation would be given on-wiki, making use of video and sound

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