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Submissions/How to change curricula?

From Wikimania 2013 • Hong Kong

After careful consideration, the programme committee has decided not to accept the below submission at this time. Thank you to the author(s) for participating in the Wikimania 2013 programme submission, we hope to still see you at Wikimania this August.

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How to change curricula?
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Daniel Mietchen
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Open Knowledge Foundation Germany
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User:Daniel Mietchen
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In a number of countries, Wikimedians are now in regular contact with authorities overseeing curriculum development in public education systems. This session is devoted to discussing a core set of recommendations that our wider community could provide to those Wikimedians as a raw material to be adapted to the local conditions.

Detailed proposal

The "how" in the session title refers primarily to the changes that would be recommended and only secondarily to the processes by which these changes could be effected, since the latter will vary considerably across jurisdictions. As a basis for discussion, the list of recommendations might include the following topics central to our mission:

  • Free and open licenses (missing in most curricula at the moment)
    • What they mean for creativity, sharing, collaborating and plagiarism
  • Collaboration, especially online and across cultures and languages (present in some form in many curricula, though rarely explicitly in relation to Wikimedia projects)
  • Replacing or complementing traditional coursework with wiki contributions
    • e.g. code, content, copyediting or translations

The session is intended to serve as a starting point for a meet-up later during the conference, during which concrete issues arising from Wikimedia involvement in curriculum development can be addressed.

Cultural and Educational Outreach
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25 minutes
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  • This presentation would be given on-wiki and might use video and sound
  • A time slot early in the conference would be good, so as to allow for a meet-up later during the event.

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