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Have no fear, AffCom is here!

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Affiliations Committee

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Wikimedia Affiliations Committee

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Affiliations Committee


This presentation is especially for those organizations and user groups which are interested in achieving recognition from the Wikimedia Foundation and becoming an affiliate - be it a Chapter, Thematic Organization or User Group.

Detailed proposal
  • What the AffCom is and its role within the Wikimedia movement
  • The different models of affiliates, their role and purposes, their responsibilities within the Wikimedia movement and what they can do
  • The procedure to be followed in order to achieve recognition and affiliation -how can we help?
  • Q&A session with AffCom members
  • Open discussion about how to improve what the AffCom does
  • WikiCulture and Community
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60 minutes preferred (we can keep it shorter if it does not fit into the schedule otherwise)
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