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Submissions/Hacking our teams: Flexible ‘agile’ development at the WMF

From Wikimania 2013 • Hong Kong

This is an accepted submission for Wikimania 2013.

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Hacking our teams: Flexible ‘agile’ development at the WMF

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Arthur Richards; Siebrand Mazeland; James Forrester; Diederik van Liere

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United States / Netherlands / United Kingdom


Wikimedia Foundation

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A panel discussion with the scrummasters of some of the highest priority engineering projects at the WMF. Our teams use a range of methods broadly designed to empower our developers for success that is sustained over time. We will discuss:

  • How we work, in general and specifics (with as little jargon as possible);
  • Why we work this way (why it works so damn well, and what it works better for);
  • What we try to avoid (challenges we have faced); and
  • What we worry about (challenges we still have).
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additional detail to come
  • Technology and Infrastructure
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45 Minutes

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File:Wikimania 2013 - Hacking our teams.pdf - Presentation slides (unused due to technical difficulties, but still potentially useful). See also File:E2-Flow Agile Trainings - Appetizer.pdf and Agile software development

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