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Government Generated Content and an opportunity to fix copyright
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Mathias Schindler
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Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.
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Mathias Schindler (WMDE) (talk)
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In a world with an abundance of international treaties concerning copyright, one field has been left remarkably unregulated: The copyright status of official works, those works made by the states themselves. We see a variety of ways how countries regulate the copyright for these works and we propose fixes to the current copyright laws in order to make more content freely aviable to everyone. This workshop will be about your country and how to clone Wikimedia Germany's effort.
Detailed proposal
The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works offers a carte blanche for countries to determine if and what protection should be given to official texts such as laws, court documents and other official works (Section 2, paragraph 4). Many people are familiar with one of the strongest interpretation in favour of freedom: Section 105 of the United States Copyright Act . Since Januar 2013, Wikimedia Germany has been conducting research on national copyright legislation regulating government works. This research is part of an effort to draft a proposal to reform national copyright precicely in order to allow the re-use of Government Generated Content. The purpose of this workshop is to explore the transferability of this effort into other jurisdictions, the application of favourable Government Generated Content legislation on specific works and on Wikimedia projects.
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to be determined by the committee, 60 min for the workshop, if possible 25 minutes
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