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GLAMwiki toolset project
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Maarten Dammers
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Wikimedia Nederland
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GLAMToolset project at Commons

A report on the state of development of the GLAMwiki Mediawiki-extension and a presentation of the final report on GLAM-requirements for statistics from the Wikimedia projects. The presentation will comprise a demo of the GLAMwiki tool extension, the working metadata mappings and a some sample uploads. A takeway from the presentation will be how you as a Wikipedian or a GLAM-professional can contribute to the project.

Detailed proposal

The GLAMwiki toolset project is a collaboration between Wikimedia Nederland, Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia France, Wikimedia CH (Switzerland) and Europeana. The goal of the project is to provide a set of tools to make batch uploads of GLAM content in Wikimedia Commons as easy as possible. Additional tools have to make sure that re-use can easily be tracked and that Commons content and metadata can easily be integrated back into the collection of the original GLAM or even other GLAMs. The project started in September 2012 and this presentation will cover progress made in the project's first year.

The presentation will include a report on the state of development of the GLAMwiki Mediawiki-extension. We will do a demo of the GLAMwiki tool extension, the working metadata mappings and present some uploads already made by the first pilot-GLAMs of the project.

The second focus of the presentation is on how the Wikmedia Analytics team's Limn-tool can be used to create GLAM-specific report cards displaying usage of the content on the various Wikipedia projects. The metrics available in the project's Limn prototype are based on the requirements report on GLAM-statistics that the project produced in its first year.

The third focus of the presentation will be on how you as a Commonist or a GLAM-professional can contribute to the project. While the developed extensions has as its goal to make it possible for GLAM-curators to be able to perform large uploads without being experienced Wikimedia Commons user it is still envisioned that uploads are performed in active partnerships between Wikimedia Commons and GLAM-curator.

Finally we will briefly present on of the primary goals of the second year of the project: How to best track changes (translations, corrections, categorisations, image restorations, etc.) of the content once uploaded and in a user-friendly manner make it possible for a GLAM-curator to review and download those changes for re-integration at source?

  • Cultural and Educational Outreach

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25 minutes
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