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Discussing Our Legal Strategy Going Forward: A Talk with the WMF General Counsel
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Geoff Brigham, WMF General Counsel (and WMF legal team)
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A discussion with the community about the legal strategy of WMF for the following year 2013-2014. We will discuss relevant topics, including possible updating of the privacy policy, updating our trademark policy and practices to conform to community needs, and outside efforts to censor content.

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We would like to use this time to spell out some of our strategic initiatives for the WMF Legal Department for this coming fiscal year. We are expecting an emphasis on privacy governance, WMF and community governance, and trademark governance - each of which will involve strong community consultation and participation. We anticipate starting a review period with the community on a new trademark policy and protocol as well as a new privacy policy. We want to examine our domain name management, construct an international movement-player governance guide, and write a model board handbook. We will also discuss the initiatives that are underway in support of the community, including our support for volunteers who challenge censorship laws and practices. We wish to discuss other possible projects, including better training opportunities for the functionaries in our community. Our goal is that this will be more of a discussion about important legal initiatives that affect the community (as opposed to a more formal presentation). Last year the room was packed when we reviewed the top 10 legal issues in the community, and we hope to create the same level of interest this year.

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