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Creating a new sister project, the re-birth of Wikivoyage
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Peter Talk
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The story of Wikivoyage's birth provides all sorts of insight regarding the topics of forked content, community management, and the process of creating a new Wikimedia Sister Project. Rich with intrigue, drama, and irony, it's also just one heck of an interesting story!
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Our presentation will review the tortuous process that led to the birth of the Wikimedia movement's newest Sister Project, Wikivoyage, and discuss the lessons learned. As over six years had passed between the launch of the Wikimedia movement's newest sister projects Wikivoyage and Wikidata and the last launch (Wikiversity in 2006), the Wikivoyage community and interested Wikimedians were left in a position where we essentially had to create a process on the fly for accepting and launching a new sister project. Another huge challenge was the thorny legal issue of accepting and how best to present the forked content (from Wikitravel) present in the Wikivoyage language versions, particularly that of English Wikivoyage. The process of the fork itself also provides lessons on community management, coordination, a balance between tactfulness and transparency, and legal questions regarding the very right to fork.
We will detail the history of the project, from the initial 2006 creation/fork of Wikivoyage as a project in German and Italian, the migration of content from other language versions to Wikivoyage in 2012, the process of gaining the approval of the Wikimedia community to accept Wikivoyage as a Sister Project, and the ins-and-outs of preparing and executing the launch itself. We will also look at current issues regarding the integration of an existing external community with the Wikimedia movement, regarding conflicts that have arisen between the two, and how such conflicts have/can/should be resolved. We will then move to a questions and answers format to delve deeper into the issues raised, and their implications for the future of the Wikimedia movement and wikis and free content in general. We will explore what went right, what could have been done better, and what can be done to fix anything that didn't go as well as we might have hoped.
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