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Chapters in Numbers: a Brief Overview of Global Wikimedia Movement
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Michał Buczyński
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Wikimedia Poland & WCA, Research Group
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Aegis Maelstrom
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Wikimedia Chapters are an important part of Wikimedia Movement, making it both tangible and global. Big and small, Affiliates create their own ecosystem. For the first time, take part in their general overview: drawing their map, comparing key metrics, pursuing benchmarks and conclusions. Numbers included! Discussion appreciated!

The presentation is a part of the Wikimedia Chapters Association Research Initiative.

Detailed proposal

Chapters take a vital part of the Movement, providing services for their communities and Wikimedia Foundation across the globe. Mature and upstarts, they present a great diversity in terms of membership, funding and activities, however sharing common goals and values.

Unfortunately, rarely we can see a bigger picture of Chapters' Movement. While they are not unsung heroes, up to now seldom any comparisons and summaries with panel data were presented. My aim is to change that.

Per announcements and agreed next steps for Wikimedia Chapters Association, including the Research Initiative, I would like to present data gathered via:

  • assembly of scattered information about Wikimedia Chapters
  • survey addressed to Chapters

Basing on the findings, I will present first metrics, showing diversity and multiple solutions within Wikimedia Movement. We will discuss possible benchmarks for Chapters and powerful limitations in this field, draw our first picture of the Movement and pursue conclusions. Active participation is welcomed.

Remember, this time not case studies but numbers will be in the spotlight, shown in suited infographics.

Hopefully, you will find the results beneficial in areas of your interest:

  • Wikicuriosity - what is our Wikiworld like? Who is there? What choices could be taken or have been taken already?
  • Public Relations, Research and Outreach materials - isn't it time to spread the word about the global volunteerism and our projects in mass media, social media, peer reviewed literature and among our external partners?
  • Partnership - you could establish a cooperation with a Chapter of a needed size (similar to your org? bigger?), resources, culture and interests. Or maybe you would like to be found? Are your co-volunteers aware of this possibility?
  • Good practices and governance of the chapters: proper governance is crucial and adequate benchmarks are needed. Better understanding could improve effectiveness and efficiency in both Chapters and grant givng processes.

Certainly any such overview has numerous limitations, one of which being an issue with obtaining standardized data in many aspects. As mentioned here and there, standardized accounting and reporting would be a big challenge and I need to highlight this topic. Neither comparing apples to oranges nor creating more unrealistic, unnecessary and tiresome bureaucracy is my goal. However, should we want to advance in terms of a peer review, self checks and a good leadership, we need to search for possible benchmarks, comparisons and conclusions. Take your opportunity to discuss this topic!

I hope you find this interesting and it will be just the first endavour in a longer series.

WikiCulture and Community or Analysis and Public Engagement - this puzzle is a yet-another-proof how little we talk about Chapters, please take the one which you find better suited
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25 minutes
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TBD, Research On-going
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  11. Unfortunately, I will not be attending Wikimania this year, but as someone who is obsessed with metrics I would certainly attend this presentation if I were present. Best of luck! --Another Believer (talk) 19:42, 1 May 2013 (UTC)[reply]
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