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A GLAMourous year: past and future in the German speaking Wikimedia universe
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Barbara Fischer (WMDE) Marcus Cyron;
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Wikimedia Germany
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Marcus Cyron; Barbara Fischer (WMDE)
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2012 was a breaking point for GLAM activities in the German chapter. Through the installment of a official GLAM curator working as a link in between the GLAM institutions and the Wikimedia Community many good initiatives could be focussed. We would like to show, what changed, present the best practices and talk about our challenges and the scope for the future.

Detailed proposal
In 2012 the german GLAM projects made a big step forward. Before 2012, isolated Wikipedians were talking to GLAM institutions within their reach. This let to outstanding results like the liberation of 60.000 images of the Federal Archive in 2008 or well attended conferences like "Wikipedia meets Archeology" but they remained unlinked. Throughout 2012 we have worked together to develop a common strategy and carried out several measures.

Like the two Wikipedians in Residence at the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (German Archaeological Institute) and at the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin (Foundation Citymuseum Berlin) that took place in 2012. The experience was instructive concerning the relation between sustainability and institutional readiness. To promote our outreach we cooperated in national GLAM conferences such as "Zugang gestalten". But off the "official" records many other initiatives took place. And we have developed new projects and formats we would like to discuss with you.

Ideas to talk about:

  • Wikimedians in Residence in Germany 2012 and 2013
  • Conferences "Zugang gestalten" and "Wikidata meets Archaeology"
  • interactive "Roman Limes map"
  • GLAM on tour
  • further GLAM activities in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Bavaria, at the Roman Limes in Germany and others
  • Landtagsprojekt (photographing the federal represantatives)
  • change in the perception of Wikip/media in the German scientifical and GLAM world
  • trends in needs
  • Problems in Germany regarding "Wiki loves Monuments"
  • Lessons learned
  • Cultural and Educational Outreach
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25 Minutes
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