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Wifi hotspot on a street

3G mobile info

For those interested in a local mobile 3G data service, this one seems best value for Wikipedians:

  • one2Free/CSL Power Prepaid SIM for HKD 88 (US $12)

You can get 7 days of unlimited 3G data for HKD 78. The remaining HKD 10 can be used for calls and/or SMS.

Find a one2free or CSL store, and ask for the 88 HKD prepaid SIM card. See the one2free web site description: [1]

After you buy the card, and make sure it's active in your GSM/UMTS phone, you can dial:


You should receive an SMS confirmation of having 7.2 Mbps service for 7 days.

If you need more credit for your SIM card, stop by any 7-11 shop to get a top-up amount.


The Poly U venue will have Wifi under the SSID "WIKIMANIA"

For access to commercial Wifi hot-spots mainly provided by PCCW and Y5ZONE one week of unlimited usage costs $9 (Nov 2011). Those companies also have daily, weekly and monthly plans ($20 and $13 per month for PCCW and Y5ZONE, respectively). Some restaurants such as McDonald's and cafés as Starbucks provide 20 minutes of free WIFI access provided by Y5ZONE.

Most hotels these days, even down market ones, provide Wi-Fi access in their lobbies to their guests. Free Wifi may also be available in some shopping malls, the airport and all MTR stations (excluding Light Rail stations). There are also some fixed internet terminals at the airport and in a number of MTR stations. Citybus and NWFB also provide free wifi service on some of their buses, notably the Cityflyer, the service run by Citybus which connects the downtown Hong Kong Island & Kowloon with the Airport. The government also offers a big network of free WIFI hot spots in most government premises and public libraries.

3G-enabled phone users can choose a temporary 3G plan from different operators. Some operators offer an unlimited 3G access for a week at a reasonable price. The city's [five] mobile operators all have branded shops where such SIM cards are sold without requirement for registration.

Network / ISP minimum pre-stored
budget for 7 days with data usage
Three (3HK) 98 198 25.26 19.37 16.24
SmarTone (數碼通) 48 168 21.65 16.60 13.92
one2free 48 78 10.05 7.71 6.46
PCCW (電訊盈科) 68 depends on volume of data usage
CMHK (中國移動) 88 38 4.90 3.75 3.15