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wikiArs, involving schools of art and design
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presentation or panel (will take place on August 11th at 14h)
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David Gómez Fontanills
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Catalonia, Spain
Amical Viquipèdia, Wikimedia España
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The wikiArS initiative, between GLAMwiki and Wikieducation, involves schools of art and design in Wikimedia goals. I'll explain the results after two academic years of experiences with several students of various schools. Wikimania it's in the middle of my Individual Engagement Grant period and I'll we able to present the models of participation and possible ways to extend the initiative to other places.

Detailed proposal

wikiArS is an initiative to involve art and design schools (and also other educational centres not focused on art but including training in graphic creation) in the Wikimedia movement's projects and goals. There are many ways for the schools to participate, but the most by now is creating images for Wikipedia.

Currently the students are working in different kinds of images:

  • Create educational, informative and scientific images to better understand the encyclopaedic explanations
  • Create scientific illustrations about animals or plants
  • Create portraits about XX century people whom doesn't exist free photos

To help the students to produce good-quality images we apply a three-supervision model of school teacher (for graphic techniques) + Wikimedian tutor (for publish, edition, licenses and community rules) + expert advisor (for scientific or thematic issues).

The initiative started in the 2011-12 Academic Year with internships of students from a School in Barcelona. In 2012-13 Academic Year other Schools from Catalonia and an University from Cadiz joined the initiative. In August I hope that I'll be able to present results and experiences from these two Academic Years and the plans for the next. My intention is also to explain briefly the models of participation that other people could adapt to bring the initiative in other countries.

  • Cultural and Educational Outreach
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25 minutes or less
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