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WMF Grantmaking Showcase: The Offline, Online, and On-wiki Impact of Wikimedia Grantees

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Siko Bouterse, with participation of WMF's grantmaking team

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United States


Wikimedia Foundation

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m:User:Sbouterse (WMF). Complete list of panelist usernames to be added here soon.

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Meta-wiki page about WMF's Grantmaking programs


The Wikimedia Foundation currently offers 4 different kinds of grants to support various needs of individuals, groups, and organizations in the Wikimedia movement. This panel presentation will showcase several of our recent grantees as examples of WMF grantmaking, and discuss the impact their work is having offline, online, and on-wiki. Come learn about Individual Engagement Grants, WMF Grants, the Funds Dissemination Committee, and Participation Support through the experience of the grantees themselves! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas about grantmaking in this session as well.

Detailed proposal

The Wikimedia Foundation currently offers 4 different kinds of grants:

This panel presentation will give you a taste of WMF's grantmaking programs by showcasing several of our recent grantees. Through a moderated discussion, we'll learn more about these grantees' work and discuss the impact that they are having offline, online, and on-wiki.

Panelists include:

Come learn about what grantees are working on and experience WMF grantmaking from the grantees' perspectives. We'll be keeping the presentations short and leave most of the time for discussion with panelists and the audience - we look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas about grantmaking in this session too!


WikiCulture and Community (?)

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70 Minutes, if possible

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