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From Wikimania 2013 • Hong Kong
Chapter / Organisation Twitter Name of project Long description Main URL
Amical Wikimedia @AmicalWikimedia Viquimodernisme

This wikiproject is based on the fact that Modernisme-related contents on Wikipedia, one of the crown jewels of Catalan art-especially in Barcelona, needed an urgent improvement. Considering that Wikipedia occupies the top positions on Internet search engines, it is normal that Academia agrees that the information presented in this online encyclopedia should be correct and adequate. Who better than the members of GRACMON, world authorities on the Catalan Modernisme, to help us in this goal?

Amical Wikimedia @AmicalWikimedia 35h edit-a-thon at Fundació Joan Miró Fundació Miró’s Espai 13 is celebrating the 35th anniversary since its creation. Fundació Miró had already collaborated with Wikipedia back in 2011, when they hosted an edit-a-thon about the Catalan artist Joan Miró. But this time Amical Viquipèdia and Fundació Miró agreed to make a huge celebration to commemorate the event: 35 consecutive hours editing Wikipedia. [2]
Amical Wikimedia @AmicalWikimedia BibliotequesCAT It is a pioneering collaboration between the Catalan Ministry of Culture and Amical Wikimedia. The partnership is based on the principle that Wikipedia, as the online door to knowledge, and libraries, as the offline door to knowledge, should work together to provide new levels of access. [3]
Wikimedia Armenia @wikiarmenia Soviet Armenian encyclopedia into Wikipedia "We decided to input the content of 13 volumes of Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia (ASE) in wiki format. At first we got agreement for free licence, after one of our admins made scanned all volumes. In our team there was disagreement how to organize contribution of this content. Eventually some of our active wikimedians digitized by FineReader and now in Wikisource we have both the scanned and digital texts of Soviet Armenian Encyclopedia Now many wikipedians and new comers are busy with wikification and creating updated articles from the content of ASE." [4]
Wikimedia Armenia @wikiarmenia Wikiconference Yerevan 2012 "The main goal was to disseminate Wikipedia and Wiki projects, to return back editors with years of experience, to collaborate participants to join wikipedians, to become strong united team of wikimedians thereby to get ground for the foundation of Wikimedia chapter in Armenia. The ground for establishing Wikimedia Armenia we achieved. The conference was first big step forward on development Armenian Wikipedia. The project is cool, because of everybody doubted on success, but the conference attended 250 people. The Conference achieved even more than we dreamed. Now we are chapter Wikimedia Armenia and have very ambitious goals." [5]
Wikimedia Australia @wm_au Freopedia Australia's first full Wikicity project, incorporating QRPedia. Set in the historic WA city of Fremantle, this has been a collaboration with the local government, chamber of commerce, State Records Office, and the Fremantle Society. [6]
Wikimedia Australia @wm_au LangCamp 8 Australians, a few expats joined with 20 Indonesians in two streams: OER and Indigenous languages. After Creative Commons Indonesia achieved a change in their Higher Education Act, LangCamp dedicated one stream to launch and discuss 'Open Education Resources' in Indonesia (id:Sumber pembelajaran terbuka). We also brought many Minangkabau speakers together to discuss and launch Minangkabau Wikipedia, which is now 29 active users; 5,400 content pages; with 400 pageviews for its 'Wikipedia' article; and there have been a few new contributors whose first edit was on Minangkabau Wikipedia. It is around the 150th largest Wikipedia after six months, making it one of the fasted growing Wikipedias. [7]
Wikimedia Australia @wm_au Regional training The coverage of regional and rural Australia is quite poor compared to the coverage of the major cities. This programme therefore aims to address this problem by holding Wikimedia editing sessions in these locations, where the local subject matter experts are. Trainers are given a one day course designed to help them get their first article up on the day. The workshops are typically run as collaborations between WMAU and local GLAM institutions (such as the town museum or library). This project has been ongoing since 2010.
Wikimedia Austria @WikimediaAT Photography Program Our photography program consits of many smaller projects and activities and also involves special workshops for our volunteer photographers. [8]
Wikimedia Bangladesh @wikimediabd Wikipedia Workshop This workshop project is helpful to build strong tie with the organization to arrange workshops regularly and cooperate with them in future for better opportunity. Also people get befitted to have direct help from Wikipedians which most of the interested contributor here desire. The workshop can be easily arranged with the help of a computer, projector, and internet connection. Some leaflets could be pretty handy if it can be given to the attendee to give them to think of questions and introduction to Wikipedia.
Wikimedia Canada @WikimediaCA (en) - @WikimediaCAfr (fr) Inter-universities contributions Many depts from Canadian universities work together to create articles about their fields. [9]
Wikimedia Canada @WikimediaCA (en) - @WikimediaCAfr (fr) Wiki Loves Monuments Monuments photography contest [10]
Wikimedia Canada @WikimediaCA (en) - @WikimediaCAfr (fr) Wikipedia Day The canadian version of edit-a-thon. We take a subject and gather to improve articles related. [11]
Wikimedia Chile @wikimedia_cl Discursos oficiales de Salvador Allende (Official Speeches by Salvador Allende) "The Official Speeches of Salvador Allende is a project currently under development at Wikisource, supported by Salvador Allende Foundation (FSA). FSA has in its collection about 280 speeches, which consist of the surviving transcripts of his official speeches, since the rest have been destroyed or are missing. We developed a pilot project, consisting in ten speeches donated by the foundation. The files originally provided in .PDF format, were converted to DjVu, and uploaded on Wikimedia Commons. Afterwards the articles for the speeches were created in Wikisource, so they could be corrected and validated, making them available for everybody." [12]
Wikimedia Czech Republic @Wikimedia_CR Photographing of Jewish memorials "This grant, subgrant of larger WMCZ Mediagrant, focusing of photographing of protected areas in the Czech republic. It is providing financial help for people traveling to the countryside by car/train/bus and documenting these localities by images. Images are later released to Wikimedia Commons from where might be widely used on Wikimedia projects or outside. Please see report http://blog.wikimedia.org/2013/05/24/photographing-czech-jewish-monuments/ or this link to Commons for results: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Mediagrant:Židovské_památky\" [13]
Wikimedia Czech Republic @Wikimedia_CR Photographing of protected areas in the Czech Republic "This grant, subgrant of larger WMCZ Mediagrant, focusing of photographing of jewish sightseeing in the Czech republic as cemeteries, synagogues and other important sites. It is providing financial help for people traveling to the different localities by car/train/bus and documenting these localities by images. Images are later released to Wikimedia Commons from where might be widely used on Wikimedia projects or outside. Please see report http://blog.wikimedia.org/2013/03/18/evaluating-czech-mediagrant/ or this link to Commons for results: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Mediagrant:Chráněná_území" [14]
Wikimedia Danmark @wikimediadk Edit-a-thon 1864 Eight people met at the National Archives, and had help from both a Copenhagen museum (via irc) and a "sister edit-a-thon" in Stockholm, where two Swedish Wikipedians participated. [15]
Wikimedia Danmark @wikimediadk WikiProjekt Brede Værk WikiProjekt Brede Værk was the first educational project in Denmark, getting pupils to work with Wikipedia's format. [16]
Wikimedia Danmark @wikimediadk WikiWednesday WikiWednesday (now in its fourth year) is an opportunity for Wikimedians to talk informally, and a chance for friends of our projects to hang around. [17]
Wikimedia Estonia ./. Tartupeedia Tartupeedia covers the whole city of Tartu (Estonia's 2nd largest city with ca 100,000 people) in Wikipedia. We have started with several public competitions (articles and photos) in Estonian Wikipedia, after that we will proceed to the other languages and in the end we're going to cover all landmarks with QRpedia plaques. We are working in partnership with the city government, University of Tartu, museums, theatres, etc. [18]
Wikimedia Finland @WMFinland Wikimaraton Wikimaraton was the first all night event in the history of Kiasma, with a special programme: midnight tour with the chief curator, delicious breakfast, a morning walk / artist talk with a lighting artist and many invited speakers sharing their thoughts on writing about art. 50 people produced 68 edited articles, 36 of them new. The articles will be made available in the forthcoming collection show e.g. via QR codes, website & social media. [19]
Wikimedia France @Wikimedia_Fr Wikiconcours lycéens" (High School Students Wikicontest) The High School Students Wikicontest is a Wikicontest organized with 5 high schools in Toulouse, in partnership with the regional center for pedagogical documentation. The contest was active during the schoolyear 2012-2013. Each class with their teacher were invited to contribute on Wikipedia about various subjects related to the city of Toulouse. [20]
Wikimedia France @Wikimedia_Fr Wikipedia offline (Afripedia et Framakey) Afripedia is a program dedicated to French-speaking African countries. This program is in two parts. The first is to provide offline access to Wikipedia in African universities, the second is to train people to contribute to Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects. Offline access is given with open offline WiFi networks installed in universities, using Kiwix software. We train staff of digital campus in African universities to install offline access and to contribute online. They also must train new editors (students, teachers) on Wikipedia. Since one year, 13 countries in Africa are part of Afripedia project. [21]
Wikimedia France @Wikimedia_Fr Wikipermanence Regular workshops to discover Wikipedia and wikimedia projects, in several towns in France. Wikipermanences are organized by local volunteers groups in a public place (library, webspace etc.). Wikipermanences are organized in 2013 in several cities in France: Rennes, Toulouse, Grenoble, Brest and Strasbourg [22]
Wikimedia Germany @wikimediade Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU "The Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU is aiming to give Free Knowledge a Voice in Brussels and inform the EU chapters about current copyright issues discussed in Brussels. It is also aiming to coordinate mainly the European Wikimedia chapters so they can have a unified and clear position on major legislative and political changes affecting the vision, mission and values of the Wikimedia movement." [23]
Wikimedia Germany @wikimediade Paid Editing "The more successful Wikipedia becomes, the more people are tempted to use this platform. Somewhere between a cottage industry by well-meaning Wikipedians and manipulation of global PR companies editing for financial gain changes how people treat Wikipedia and how Wikipedians see themselves and their role in the project. This, of course, its Wikipedia, leads to debate, heat, arguments, and a lot of spilled blood. My project tries to initiate a civilized and effective discussion in which all Wikipedians have a say on how to deal with this topic. And in the end it should enable the community to develop the tools in dealing with editing on behalf of somebody for the Wikipedia’s and everybody’s gain." [24]
Wikimedia Germany @wikimediade Wikimedia:Woche This came up by the wish of community and staff to be better up-to date about what is going on in the international sphere. Helps us (as in: community, chapter staff and board, members) to get an overview in German, with short introductions and links to all relevant discussions, projects and news. Created on-wiki weekly by volunteers and paid staff, sent out via blog, mailinglist and archived on-wiki. [25]
Wikimedia Hong Kong @WMHK Education Program A general education course in City University of Hong Kong, where students need to submit a Wikipedia article as their course work.
Wikimedia Hong Kong @WMHK Wikimania! [26]
Wikimedia Hungary @WikimediaHU Annual cleanup contest It directly affected about 0.5% of all the articles in 2013 and had their content improved without question by solving flagged problems in them. [27]
Wikimedia Hungary @WikimediaHU WikiCamp "Annual camping on the Hungarian countryside (always at a different region or location). The emphasis is on camping, touring and being ""outside"" in general, besides meeting with each other and do social editing. WikiCamp 2013 is attached to the Valley of Arts folk arts festival in Hungary, one of the largest such events in Central Europe, as a free side event." [28]
Wikimedia Israel @WikimediaIL Viki Avir (ויקי אוויר) - Wiki Air "Cooperation with the Amateur Pilots Association - which flies around the country every weekend, and usually have an empty seat on the plane. They agree to allow one wikipedian to fly for free. We do not set the course of the plane or ask for specific sites but rather go where the pilot intends to go. [29]
Wikimedia Israel @WikimediaIL "Kfar Kama (כפר קמא) "In the north of Israel there is a village named Kafer Kama [1](population 3,000) which speaks Adyghe language. The students study at school in Hebrew, so the Middle School manager approached WM-IL suggesting that we teach the students how to edit Wikipedia and together we will create Adyghe language Wikipedia while teaching the unique language to the students [2]. When the project started there were 140 articles in Incubator. The students (of two classes) wrote about 75 short articles (stubs) in Adyghe. We came for a whole day each time, giving a lecture for 1.5 hours about wikipedia in general, then 45 min lesson on how to edit, and then 1 hour workshop where the students edit.[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kfar_Kama [2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adyghe_language" [30]
Wikimedia Israel @WikimediaIL Mifgashim Bareshet (מפגשים ברשת) - Meeting Online "As part of WM-IL collaboration with the ministry of education, an Online simultaneous lesson is given to sixth graders throughout the country, teaching them how Wikipedia works, what is a talk page, how to know when an article is a stub or has been vandalized and when an article is featured, Who writes in Wikipedia, what is the wisdom of the crowd etc. The lesson is 45 minutes long and does not teach how to edit an article but rather how to write a question or a comment in the talk page" [31]
Wikimedia Italy @wikimediaitalia Mailing list Bibliotecari e Wikipediani "We developed a collaboration between some active librarians and wikipedians. Ths happened when we set up a mailing list, and started discussing about training Wikipedia courses in libraries, Wikidata and possible important of bibliographic datasets. This led to: a) several training courses both for patrons and librarians b) import of National Library of Florence Thesaurus links into Wikipedia c) import of SBN identifiers on Wikidata d) great visibility for a national librarians meeting" [32]
Wikimedia Italy @wikimediaItalia Wiki Loves Monuments Italia "WLM is a global project, but we have a few peculiar problems in Italy: there are a lot of monuments, but apparently no list of them; Italian law severely restricts the use of photo of monuments. That resulted in a lot of additional work, but we are happy to: have a framework agreement with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage; have collected a number of authorizations from municipalities, provinces, and cultural institutions, to take pictures of their monuments. It's nice that some of the authorization have been asked (and obtained) by people not previously involved in WMI (sometimes without even informing WMI in advance)." [33]
Wikimedia Italy @WikimediaItalia Wikimedia Conference 2013 "The Wikimedia Conference in an annual global Wikimedia meeting. It's clearly cool: 150 wikimedians from all around the world in one place, how could it not be? :-) It was also cool to organize it in Milan. It was the first Wikimedia Conference not organized in Berlin after five years, and hopefully this will lead to a rotation in the host chapters in next years. Berlin is fine, but we think that moving the Wikimedia Conference increases internationalization and gives the host chapter the opportunity to learn from organizing a quite large event as this." [34]
Wikimedia Mexico @wikimedia_mx Moebius radio program "Wikimedia Mexico co-produced ""Möebius,"" a radio show with Ibero 90.9, a Mexican radio station that has operated since 2002. It is sponsored by the Iberoamericana University, based in Mexico City. In the show we connect two seemingly disjointed topics using Wikipedia. For an example, Isaac Asimov => Encyclopedia Galáctica => The Hitchikers Guide's to the Galaxy => Marvin, the Paranoid Android => Ok, Computer => Paranoid Android => Radiohead. Wikimedia Mexico conducting the investigation and the script of the program and the station makes the program sound production. Is hosted by Almendra Hernandez, Carmen Alcázar (User:Wotancito) and Ivan Martínez (User:ProtoplasmaKid) [35]
Wikimedia Netherlands @wmnl Europea na Fashion edit-a-thon There are way more men editing Wikipedia compared the amount of women. As a direct result there are a lot more articles about topics that interest men. One of the topics that deserves more attention is fashion. This edit-a-thon was organised to specifically work on this. It also meant that the room was filled extremely well dressed young ladies. Not the normal sight of an edit-a-thon. This way the edit-a-thon not only contributed to another platform (Europeana), but also to the gendergap project. Go Girlll! [36]
Wikimedia Netherlands @wmnl Image donation Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed This image donation is probably one of the largest content donations ever containing so many high quality and relevant images. Where else could that happen than the country that initiated Wiki loves Monuments. [37]
Wikimedia Netherlands @wmnl Wiki loves Sound Sound is the missing piece to make a time machine. Our environment is constantly changing, from the devices that we use to the streets we walk through. And these changes also have an effect on how we experience our environment. There is a lot attention already for what our world looks like, but we’re neglecting what it sounds like. This project tried to bring this more in balance. It was a full package with a workshop audio recording, a content donation of professional and crowd sourced sounds, a workshop making radio plays with these sounds and an edit-a-thon. [38]
Wikimedia New York City @wikimedianyc support for Wiki Project Med "Somewhere around 10% of global GDP is spent on health issues and Wikipedia is the world's most popular source of health information and has been becoming increasingly popular for the past few years. outreach to medical schools for the Wikipedia Education Program Translation Task Force - an effort to improve the 100 most popular health articles to good status, then translate them into every language. Supported by a partnership with Translators without Borders Partnerships with three organizations to develop health content - Consumer Reports in the United States, the World Health Organization in Geneva, and the Cochrane Collaboration in the UK" [39]
Wikimedia New York City @wikimedianyc Wikimedia LGBT "The LGBT community is fond of self organizing and on Wikimedia projects this is the same as anywhere else created proposal for Peer review between chapters - http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Peer_review proposal for people at gay prides around the world to upload and document gay pride events in every country development of Wikipedia anti-discrimination infrastructure, including safe-space policies, harassment complaint guidelines, and support for people who complain of discrimination" [40]
Wikimedia Norway @WikimediaNorge Wiki Loves Monuments In order to incentivize the WLM contest in Norway, we are reaching out to photography clubs and photography schools to get their members and students to participate in the contest. This will be pitched with the idea of having (semi-formal) subcontests within each club/school.
Wikimedia Norway @WikimediaNorge Wikipedians-in-Residence When I am writing this, we have four separate positions as Wikipedian-in-Residence at different institutions, as well as one position in the application phase. We are also hoping to expand the WiR concept beyond GLAM and have WiRs at other institutions, for example hospitals, national wildlife services, etc., in order to further Wikimedia projects' coverage of other areas as well.
Wikimedia Philippines @WikimediaPH WikiProject Pangasinan "This first standalone development program of the chapter outside the capital Manila. Aims: 1) to gather new wiki editors in areas where the usage of the language is strong but not widely used in the Internet, 2) to help subject matter experts in the province contribute valuable information and media for the promotion and greater understanding of the province" [41]
Wikimedia Poland ./. Wikiexpedition 2012 "Two photo-hunting expedtions #1 6 people, 2 cars - mainly focused on monuments and other heritage objects #2 5 people, one camper, several bicycles - mainly focused on natural objects (nature, landscapes, old trees, national parks), as well as OpenStreetMap mapping. 3780 pictures taken and around 200 new articles written in Polish Wikipedia. See: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/category:Wikiekspedycja_2012" [42]
Wikimedia Poland ./. Wilamowice A group of Wikipedians recorded several thousands of words in Vilamovian language (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vilamovian_language) which is spoken by around 50 people. The person who was recorded was Mr. Gara, a 70-years old Vilamovian poet and former coal-miner. They are now gradually uploading records to Commons and linking ogg files with vocabulary created in Polish wikitionary (http://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/Kategoria:wilamowski_%28indeks%29 ). Mr. Gara donated also his poems and Polish-Villamovian vocabulary, which is on Polish wikisource. The side effect of the project was starting Vilamovian Wikipedia in incubator: https://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wp/wym/Wymysi%C3%B6ery%C5%9B [43]
Wikimedia Russia @Wikimedia_RU Promotion of free licenses in Russian laws "That is a long-lasting project: the first activities started in 2010, and we participated more than 50 meeting for this. Despite free licenses are used in the world for many years, it's still a something new for legal systems of the world and therefore people are shy about it, especially in countries with strict regulations, like Russia. If we succeed, it might boost development of the free content in Russia, and also could be a good precedent to other countries."
Wikimedia Russia Wikimedia_RU WikiAward 2012 "WikiAward 2012 is a third ceremony that now takes place annually. This year we provided an award not only to wikimedians who made a lot for Wikimedia projects last year, but also a representative of Pereslavskaya Nedelya newspaper for playing a decisive role in release of their archives unders free licenses (which is itself probably a cool project: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Images_from_the_Pereslavl_Week ). Those celebrations add motivation to Wikimedians, they charge all us with optimism (communications during WikiConferences are more formal), and help to promote the Wikimedia world." [44]
Wikimedia Russia Wikimedia_RU Wikipedia Inside Courses "There were 7 lectures (video can be found at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL63A7D78501E76F06 ) and several workshops in Skolkovo Open University. During the courses not only a bunch of people were taught how to work in Wikipedia productively, but also created videos that is useful for newcomers." [45]
Wikimedia Serbia @wm_rs 1001 arabic words "Wiktionary: 1001 Arabic Words - Within Wikimedia Serbia office, we started with the project “1001 Arabic Words” during the middle of February. Preparations for this project lasted two months and consisted of finding participants (volunteers) and technical preparations. Students of Arabistics from the Faculty of Philology at University of Belgrade created a team of 6 participants, who are working on creating new words on Serbian Wiktionary. The project was symbolically titled “1001 Arabic Words”. Beside the basic word translations, every word-article contains usage examples, etymology, pronunciation, synonyms and antonyms, grammar inflection, derivatives, graphical overview and word examples through expressions and proverbs. Since the beginning of the project until the end of April, articles about 250 words have been created. Beside creating articles about words, students have been working on writing articles about Arabic language and its grammar for Serbian Wikipedia. Great enthusiasm by the participants of the project has been noticed, as well as their wish to take part in other projects. Their wish to hold meetings in the office three times a week in order to work in the team speaks in support of this. After having created the 101. word, we published press releases, which were relayed by several media, as well as a blog post for WMF and WMRS blogs. This was the first trilingual (Serbian, English and Arabic) press release published by WMRS. On the occasion of the 101. word, an internal team gathering was held, in order to strengthen the enthusiasm and personal relations At the end of the project (when we write 1001 words), we will have ""Arabic Night"", a thematic night in cultural centre “Nea Pangea"". The ""Night"" will be in Arabic style, and will consist of presentations of dictionary, wikipedia articles associated with Arab culture and pictures from commons. Also, there is plan to have arabic food made using recipes from wiki cook." [46]
Wikimedia South Africa ./. Joburgpedia "Goal: increase Wikipedia coverage of iconic buildings around Johannesburg with historic and heritage importance. QR codes will be installed next to blue plaques in Johannesburg city in a bid to create the first MetropediA in Africa. Endorsed by City of Johannesburg and Johannesburg Heritage Foundation" [47]
Wikimedia South Africa ./. WLM "Startup event in Cape Town, Provincial upload marathons in Cape Town (2x), Durban, Johannesburg, Kimberley Judging session Award ceremony in Johannesburg" [48]
Wikimedia Spain @wikimedia_es wikiArS and UCAC2 "wikiArS is a Wikimedia initiative to involve schools of art and design or educational institutions offering training in graphic creation. There are several Wikimedia España members participating in the initiative an the chapter is promoting it. UCAC2 (Animating Concepts for Commons) is a wikiArS project in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication in the University of Cádiz. The students made 3D animations about different scopes connected with Wikipedia contents, the most of them using Blender. They could use and transform 3D models from free repositories in their works. And, in addition of publishing and liberating it in Commons, they published the source files in CommonsArchive.org for whom want to create derivative works. The work of the students was supervised by experts in the subject of each animation (physics, health, geology, illusionism, ...). They were in contact by mail and the expert should to give the ok before publish." [49]
Wikimedia Sweden @wikimediase Central Museums Cooperation The big museums in Sweden have a council to coordinate their work. We created a cooperation with them to easier contact all of the museums. [50]
Wikimedia Sweden @wikimediase Open Database of Public Art In Sweden there is no national databse of public art, it is all on municipalities or other administrative units. So we have started to create one. We borrowed thought from WLM, and our databse is scalable to include other countries too! [51]
Wikimedia Sweden @wikimediase Wiki Loves Public Art Like Wiki Loves Monuments but with public art :) [52]
Wikimedia Switzerland @WikimediaCH Kiwix in Jail "Since March 2013, prisoners who request can have an access to Wikipedia offline. The idea is to stimulate or to support the interest for education of prisoners who were, for a large majority, condemned to long-time sentences. After three months of pilot phasis, the project is successful : Among the 35 prisoners of the concerned jail, 18 possess or rent a computer. All of them requested the upload of the french version of Wikipedia offline on their PC. For security reasons, swiss prisoners have a very restricted access to internet." [53]
Wikimedia Switzerland @WikimediaCH Wikipedian in Residence at the Bundesarchiv "The Federal Archives partnership is the first collaboration with a GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) institution in Switzerland. The initial goal is to make more than 5,000 digitised photographs from a collection on the First World War searchable and freely accessible via Wikimedia by autumn 2013, providing researchers with a fascinating, well catalogued and freely accessible body of materials just in time for the centenary of the war’s outbreak in 1914. As a guest of the Federal Archives, the Wikipedian in Residence will promote entries in the online encyclopaedia that relate to the Federal Archives and their holdings, and publish material under open-content licences. Links between the Federal Archives and the Wikipedia community will also be expanded." [54]
Wikimedia Taiwan @WikimediaTW Writing Boot-camps for New Wikipedian "The monthly writing bootcamp is hold every second Saturday in Taipei. It acts like a help desk for beginners. They could ask question about how to edit a Wikipedia article. Senior Wikipedian will tutor them. Although the monthly writing boot-camps seems like editathon, but we haven't work with GLAM like library that cloud support reliable source. The attendees have to prepare their own source for composing articles. For the limit resource of Wikimedia Taiwan, writing boot-camps is a perfect outreach method in Taiwan." [55]
Wikimedia Taiwan @WikimediaTW Localwiki in Taiwan "Localwiki is the concept of local communities write their own story of their communities. Wikimedia Taiwan work with other NGO to promote localwiki. We talk about the principles and methods in the camp. Video of the localwiki camp (in Mandarin Chinese) "
Wikimedia UK @wikimediauk Ada Lovelace Day 2012 A very successful Wikipedia editathon focusing on improving the online records of women in science using the Royal Society archives and library followed by a panel session on this topic was held on 19 October 2012. This event received a lot of press coverage and calls to hold more events like this - definitely one to repeat in 2013. [56]
Wikimedia UK @wikimediauk EduWiki Conference 2012 "A day-and-a-half conference looking at Wikipedia, Wikiversity and related charitable projects, not in terms of educational resources, but educational practice, including collaboration, open review, and global participation. It was a chance to talk about innovative work in your classroom, your institution or online community, and shape the future of Wikimedia UK's work in this area We explored the ways these projects can support innovative education. We discussed the Wikipedia Education Program (in which university students improve Wikipedia articles for course credit). We learned from universities where the program is already embedded, exploring the educational opportunities and drawing lessons from the experience so far." [57]
Wikimedia UK @wikimediauk WikiProject Medicine/Editor outreach Jointly organised by Wikimedia UK in combination with Wikimedia Canada and the Global Education Program - as well as the fledgling Wikiproject Med Foundation (a thematic organisation). A nice piece of international cooperation across borders and style of organisation that produced a very successful result. [58]
Wikimedia Ukraine @wikimedia_ua Asteroid 274301 Wikipedia "Following a Wikiexpedition to Andrushivka and a meeting with observatory owner, Yuri Ivashchenko, the observatory submitted Wikipedia as a name for the asteroid 274301 they had discovered. Why an asteroid is cool? Having Wikipedia in the sky is really cool, isn't it? And we got a real worldwide media coverage: the piece of news was published even in Caribean news website ( http://caribenoticias.com/2013/01/31/el-asteroide-n-o-274301-es-llamado-wikipedia/ ) or Uzbek news ( http://kun.uz/2013/02/01/wikipedia/ )!" [59]
Wikimedia Ukraine @wikimedia_ua Chernobyl (Chornobyl) Wikiexpedition We continued a succesful Wikiexpeditions project by organising an international Wikiexpedition to Chernobyl (Chornobyl) Exclusion Zone. Wikipedians from 6 different countries (Ukraine, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Russia) visited a number of towns and villages in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with a professional guide. This expedition resulted in over 900 free photos from this closed zone uploaded to Commons and many new articles in a number of different languages. An international wikimeetup the following day was very useful as well. [60]
Wikimedia Ukraine @wikimedia_ua Wiki Loves Earth "Wiki Loves Earth is a photo contest aiming to collect pictures of Ukraine Natural Heritage sites and Landscape and Ornamental Gardening objects for illustrating Wikipedia articles. Following a huge success of Wiki Loves Monuments (over 33,000 photos and 4th place worldwide), we founded similar contest for natural monuments. We have prepared lists of some 7,384 natural heritage sites, and we got 11,736 images of 1,104 different sites. Why is it cool? Because Wiki Loves Monuments is cool, but fantastic photos of beautiful natural sites are even cooler. Just check http://uk.wikinews.org/wiki/Вікі_любить_Землю:_12_найкращих_фото" [61]
Wikimedia Venezuela @wikimedia_ve Proyecto Wayuu We are joining efforts to create a Wikipedia and a Wiktionary in the Wayuu language, with the medium-term goal of creating an offline version of both proyects and distribute them into the intercultural bilingual schools of Venezuela, where children belonging to the Wayuu people receive instruction in both languages, but their schools have no access to the internet [62]
Wikimedia Washington DC @WikimediaDC Edit-a-thons with the Smithsonian Institution "The prestigious Smithsonian Institution has been described as America's Attic. Through monthly edit-a-thons, the Smithsonian has been improving information on their collections on Wikipedia with the assistance of Wikimedia DC volunteers. Each edit-a-thon begins by training newcomers on the basics of editing Wikipedia, and from there people work together on articles. These monthly edit-a-thons cover such topics as diverse as American Civil War art and scientific field notes. This year, we have had ongoing editathons at the Smithsonian, Cato Institute, George Washington University, and other cultural organizations such as the Washington Historical Society. Our members get a tour, training in how to edit, and then they improve content using the resources of the sponsoring organization. We have a great time, and get to know our local cultural organizations.
Wikimedia Washington DC @WikimediaDC GLAM Boot Camp In April 2013, Wikimedia DC hosted the inaugural GLAM Boot Camp, where for three days, Wikimedians recruited from throughout North America came to the National Archives in Washington, D.C. to learn about how they can serve as representatives of Wikimedia in the cultural sector. We bonded over those three days and worked together to improve outreach materials and discuss the future of GLAM-Wiki. [63]
Wikimedia Washington DC @WikimediaDC National Library of Medicine Editathon WikiProject Medicine participants Lane Raspberry and Doc James brought our local Wikimedia DC editors together with National Library of Medicine staff to improve Wikipedia's health information. We had wonderful tours of the Library, and inspiring discussions with Hilda Bastian and her colleagues about the importance of accurate, evidence-based health information. Our experts also met with staff to improve Wikipedia's taxonomies for medications, especially for pharmaceuticals that are sold under different names in different countries. [64]
WORLD @wikimonuments Wiki loves monuments general [65]