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Submissions/Medical content on Wikimedia projects - a fun tour

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Wiki Project Med
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Medical content on Wikimedia projects - a fun tour
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Lane Rasberry
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United States
Consumer Reports, Wiki Project Med
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Blue Rasberry (talk)
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Wikipedia is the most consulted source of health information in English and will someday soon be the most consulted source of health information in all languages. Join this fun tour of the health resources on Wikimedia projects to learn how to explain to others the place which Wikipedia has in people's health care decisions. People who have never used Wikipedia previously are welcome at this talk!
Detailed proposal
  • 5 minutes - tour of health content on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons along with a review of its popularity and quality
    • Counts of articles and non-text media pieces
    • pageview statistics of health content
    • Wikipedia's rating system
  • 5 minutes - tour of WikiProjects and other programs in which Wikipedians collaborate to develop health content
  • 5 minutes - tour of project pages for outreach which tie the Wikipedia community to experts outside of Wikimedia projects and in health organizations
    • Why is it necessary to invite additional expert review for medical content from outside the Wikipedia community?
    • What health organizations develop Wikipedia health content?
    • What is the potential for future outreach?
  • 10 minutes - questions from audience
Analysis and Public Engagement
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25 minutes
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