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How to make it work. How to make them work together.
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Tomer Ashur
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Wikimedia Israel
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Tomer A.
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We all want our projects to succeed. Yet, projects require people, and people require leading. In not many years, Wikimedia Israel grew from being a small, low-budget chapter, with sporadic activities, to being a large, low-budget chapter, executing large program plans. In this presentation, the author will present the lessons he learnt from the captain's seat.

The author is the former chairperson of the board of trustees of Wikimedia Israel and a former member of the interim secretariat of the Wikimedia Chapters Association. The presentation is based on the author's experience in both organizations. The presentation is aimed for leaders of groups (chapter, thematic organizations, user groups, project managers, etc.) who wish to learn from someone else's successes and failures.

Detailed proposal

People take pride in successful projects, not as much in failed ones. Why do some projects succeed while other fail? Unfortunately, I do not have the answer. Yet, this presentation will try to bring to light some possible reasons, and outline the framework for future discussions, while also providing some personal (and perhaps trivial) thoughts.

Among the topics the presentation will touch are:

  1. Selecting projects;
  2. Short- and long-term planning;
  3. Volunteers;
  4. Administration;
  5. Buedget;
  6. PR.

The presentation is given in a somewhat ethnocentric viewpoint, as it is based on the author's participation and experience. It not served as a manual for how to run a successful project, but more as a map of some of the Snakes and Ladders a project leader may meet.

  • WikiCulture and Community
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25 Minutes
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Of Course.
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