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From the streets to the wikis, onboarding newbies
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Benoît Evellin / Trizek
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Wikimedia France and supported by Wikimedia CH
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Discover on this presentation some ideas, cheap and easy to reuse, in order to improve newbies experience, inside and outside our wikis.
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Many Wikimedia projects readers don't really know how they work. And when they want to become contributors, the experience is not always (rarely ?) a success.
A number of steps need to be completed before becoming a real wikimedian are numerous : what the projects really are, what are these rules, what can't I do, what may I do, where can I work, where can I comment...? What is the best way in order to share these informations and improve new users experience ?
Discover on this presentation some ideas created by the French community or from elsewhere, cheap and easy to reuse, in order to improve newbies experience, inside and outside our wikis. And guess what ? The most difficult part don't come from the newbies.
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25 Minutes
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