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Flow Funding - power to the movement
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(1) Thomas, (2) Kiril, (3) Andrew G. West
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(1) Brazil, UK, (2) Macedonia, (3) United States
Flow Funding Pilot Project
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(1) TSB, (2) Kiril Simeonovski, (3) West.andrew.g
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In a recent pilot project supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, 10 volunteers from around the globe were entrusted with decision-making power to distribute with autonomy up to USD 2,000 to initiatives aligned with the movement's goals. In this presentation we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of this innovative approach, called Flow Funding, and how it could contribute to building a stronger Wikimedia movement.

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Over the past years the Wikimedia community has been engaged in a discussion about how to most effectively disseminate funds across the movement. And in May 2012, while a member of the advisory group to the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC), I adapted a process called “Flow Funding” to design a pilot project where Wikimedia volunteers would be entrusted with autonomous decision-making power to fund initiatives aligned with the movement's goals.

In October 2012 the Wikimedia Foundation approved a USD 20,000 grant to implement the aforementioned pilot project in order to assess if and how the Flow Funding process could contribute to building a stronger Wikimedia movement. Since then I have been coordinating this pilot project, where 10 Wikimedia volunteers have been entrusted with USD 2,000 each, to autonomously identify and fund projects aligned with the movement's strategic goals. The ten so called "flow funders" were either 2012 Wikimania scholarship recipients or Grants Advisory Committee members that agreed to participate in the pilot project. A portal was created on Meta, where every flow funder has been reporting back on their experience. Funds have been directly transferred from the Wikimedia Foundation to initiatives identified by flow funders and all transactions are transparent and accessible to the Wikimedia community to appraise.

By July 2013 the pilot project is expected to end. The proposed presentation at Wikimania in Hong Kong would focus on the report that I have to produce for the Wikimedia Foundation evaluating three critical aspects assessed during the pilot project: the "supply" of volunteers collaborating and working in a decentralized way; the "demand" from fund-seekers not served in the current option set; and the potential problems of gaming the system.

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Flow Funding Pilot Project
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