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Encouraging the creation and development of articles about women on Ibero-America
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Ivana Lysholm
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Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Iberocoop
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Wikimedia Argentina is currently running the second Wikipedia writing contest on Ibero-American women, whose goal is to foster the creation and enhancement of biographies about relevant women from our region's history, culture and politics, thus rendering visible many women Wikipedia didn't previously have any information about. The aim of this presentation is to share this experience and the contest's results, looking forward to the possibility of seeing it replicated in other editions of Wikipedia. For further information, please refer to the following pages:

Detailed proposal

Wikimedia Argentina launched the first Wikipedia writing contest on Ibero-American women as part of its Wikipedia 10 celebrations. The contest was aimed at fostering the creation of articles about relevant Ibero-American women that weren’t already present in the encyclopedia, as well as the further development of those articles already in existence. It was initially focused on relevant women from Argentine history and culture, but at other chapters’ proposal it was decided to go regional.

Iberocoop chapters developed lists of women from their respective countries who didn’t have an article to guide editors, but participants could also create articles about people who weren’t proposed there. Women from different fields were included, most of which were invisibilized to date not only in Wikipedia but also in other organized collections of information: politicians, scientists, sportswomen, journalists, actresses, musicians. In many cases, obtaining the necessary sources to document the new articles supposed an additional challenge for participants, who had to make research on their own.

The contest was well-received within the Spanish Wikipedia editing community, producing an outcome of over 500 new articles apart from the expansion or enhancement of quite others. Not only did the contest help the projects by incorporating new articles, but those new and at times unique contents could also be promoted through social and traditional media. A jury composed by outside experts and Wikipedia editors evaluated the competing articles based on a prearranged scoring system and prizes were awarded to winners in different categories.

The second edition of Mujeres Iberoamericanas was launched this year on occasion of the International Workin Womens’ Day (March 8), with the same spirit and general guidelines as last year’s experience. With for months to go, the contest already has more than 300 competing new articles.

This presentation is aimed at presenting our experiences, its challenges and the results of the Mujeres Iberoamericanas contest, in the hope that other members from our international community can develop similar initiatives in other languages. We arealready planning a cross-wiki iniciative with Wikimedia Italia on Italian women on the Spanish Wikipedia and vice-versa, another exciting ramification this kind of experiences could have.

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25 Minutes
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