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A look into next year: WMF Product Roadmap (was: Britannica -> Wikipedia -> ?. Technology Disruption and how we organize for the future).
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Presentation + discussion
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Howie Fung
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(This talk was supposed to be about Wikipedia, technology disruption, and how we organize for the future, but has been changed to a presentation and discussion about next year's Product Roadmap for WMF).

This presentation will review the WMF’s product roadmap for user-facing features. We will go through the major feature areas of the website + mobile, what’s in plan for next year, and why we at the Foundation are working on them. The lens we will use for this discussion is the user experience. We will cover how Visual Editor, Discussion Systems, Onboarding, Mobile, and Multimedia fit together to help grow and diversity our editors.

(Will try to expand on this).

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WikiCulture and Community
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25 minutes
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