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Wikimania 2007 volunteers.

We are now recruiting local volunteers for Wikimania 2013. For more information about the volunteering for Wikimania, please check out these documents below:

If you are interested in volunteering, fill out this form.

On-site and Remote volunteering options

There are many volunteer opportunities on-site and opportunities people can do from afar, so here's that breakdown. Of course, anyone can do anything.

On-site options

  • Session Facilitors
  • Logistic Helpers
    • Set-up assistants (Aug 2-8)
    • Tear-down assistants (Aug 11-12)
  • Desk staff
    • Information desk & Conference gear on-site distribution
    • Registration desk
    • Media Desk
  • Desk Staff at the Dorms
  • Audiovisual Helpers/ Photogprhers
  • Translation
    • Sign-language translator
  • Local Guides
    • Arrival Tranports guides (at HKG Airport, around the Venue & HKBU dorms)
    • Venue guides at information desk & around the venue & HKBU
    • Nightlife guides
    • Helper on Shuttle bus

Remote volunteering options

  • Conference gear
    • Design and production
  • Translation coordination
  • Help maintain this wiki
  • Publicize the conference

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